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    Fee Jardine Design Team

    Any Chickies out there interested?

    I am a designer at and and I am looking for 5 talented and enthusiastic girls to join my new design team.

    create 3-4 layouts a month
    post to galleries
    have fun

    WHAT DO U DO?:
    check out my BLOG for further details
    email me -
    a link to your gallery/ies
    what DTs you are currently on
    a brief bio
    check out my designs at the above sites
    and see if you like...

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    How exciting, Fee! Have fun picking your team!!


    Have a peek at MY GALLERY!

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    Just checked out your kits....
    They are great...

    I'm constantly amazed at how I'm always seeing some one I hadn't seen before...

    Off to shop now!!! =) =)
    MyEbella aka Kim

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    I'm sure you've had a ton of submissions, but what the heck, I'm gonna throw mine in there and cross my fingers...
    Let's see if I can keep this BLOG up...

    *Icon courtesy of Coquettish*

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    Holy did I miss this announcement??? I LOVE your stuff Fee! I'm a thinkin' that I might see if I got the "fee" stuff! LOL

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    Oh bummer I thought the deadline was the 2nd... but it is the a few more days to hear anything... being hopeful but not holding my breath ... there are soo many talented ladies out there!!!
    MyEbella aka Kim

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    Oh darn, wish i would have seen this sooner!! Good Luck picking your team!!
    Currently on hiatus from creative teams
    because well, college is a mojo stealer!

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