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    bloggers - do you know about

    have you seen the slide shows popping up on blogs (like Laura's?) You can put one on @ -- I put my kit previews in my header. I'm feeling sorta GEEKY today so I had to tell ya' all LOL.

    This is where you start --
    ignore the myspace part -- just add in your photos one at a time and when you're through, hit the DONE button and you'll get the code to paste into your blog or website or whatever.

    HINT -- to change the orientation of your show from horizontal to vertical, just switch those numbers in the code you are given. Just paste into notepad to edit, recopy and paste into your desination


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    That looks really cool, Christine! Thanks! I'll have to mess with that later.... {never thought to do kit previews, lol!}

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    yeah, i have it, too! LOVE it!

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    oh for crying in the beer -- I always have to tweak things ONE TOO MANY times and now I've made my slide show magically DISAPPEAR. Ugh. I have to go out of the house for now but I'll figure out how to get it back later on. The code on the 'ol site is a little intimidating to me, LOL

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    I discovered slide the other day on Kristin's blog and just had to get one for myself! I'm loving it!

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    ROck on! I've seen those and kept meaning to ask someone how they were done. Cool beans! Thanks for sharing!

    I didn't want to be left out, so here I am. Thanks, Pamie!

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    Thanks for the heads up!
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    gee... i could've used this post yesterday... it took me about an hour to figure out how to do it and make the slide show vertical for my blog!
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    I downloaded it last weekend but then kind of didn't know where to go from there......and was hoping for a thread like this....thanks Christine! Going to play with it tonight!
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    I want to add one too!
    I have a question though... once you have it set up, is it saved somehow so that you can go back and add each new layout to it without starting over? Do you have to create an account then? I looked at the site some, but couldn't figure that out. I wouldn't want to have to keep redoing it each time I wanted to add a layout. Anyone know?

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    just got one last week..

    Michelle..yup you create an account there. then just add your images to it when your logged into republish yoru blog!...its really sweet!
    deanna hall photography

    Im so far behind in scrapping..its not FUNNY! its been over a year!:26:

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    i'm so lazy
    meant to do this for weeks...

    **that's my blog - and there's cool stuff there**
    i have 176 pages done so far this year AND I started my PAPER altered art journal for Easter this year - 6 pages so far!!

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    also when doing it, make sure to click the "email" button or whatever it is that way you are emailed the link so that you can make changes.

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    Thanks for pointing out this cool slide show! This is all new to me. I just started a blog this week. I have question for you pros. Where do you put the code once you have your slide show ready?? Can you please help a blog newbie??!

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    Nikki, I put my code just below my header (finally got it to reappear and I SERIOUSLY do not know why is disappeared still but I'm not TOUCHING it again, LOL) or you can put it in your sidebar if you swap the numbers for the horizontal and vertical size. One of my CT gals has one like that --

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    Muchas Gracias, Chirstine! I should have know it was that easy! I'm off to go and try it out!!

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    Oh yes - LOL - I saw it on someone else's blog and had to rush out and do the same -

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    I downloaded the program awhile back & finally got to play with it a few days ago. I got it up on my blog but I wasn't sure how to change the size & orientation once I got it there so now I know how to do that! I want it to be bigger than the 200x200 default size. Also you can download the Slide player to your desktop & all you do is open the slide program & drag & drop your files into the player & it automatically updates your feed. Its much easier than logging into their website everytime to add layouts!
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    I'm SO going to do this ... sometime! I'm really too tired to fiddle with it now, but thanks for letting us know. Can't wait to do mine.

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    I so want to do this too! Doesn't Photobucket offer something similar?

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