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    Stamping Off "Edge" of Something?


    In your Scenes from High School layout, you made the numbers look like they'd been stamped off the edge of the photo. How did you make the space in between the edge of the photo and the background? Does this question even make sense?

    Heidi D.
    . . .Heidi D. . .

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    Sure! I use Photoshop CS, but I'm sure you can do it with anything so long as you can use a layers pallette!

    Stamp the number onto a new layer. Click the layer the photo is on and select just the photo, then, click on your stamp layer and select the object (in photoshop you can click on the layer while holding down your CTRL key and it selects the object in that layer). Then, just use your arrow keys to shift that "selected" portion down and over a smidge! VOILA!
    Holly McCaig

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    Cool! That's easy enough, thanks so much, Holly!
    . . .Heidi D. . .

    blog: carnivorous vegetarian

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    Love this trick! One of the first ones I learned and I use it whenever I want that stamped look.


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    I'm addicted to this trick! I learned it a few months ago and have to make myself NOT do it on every LO. LOL

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