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    Talking Bidule 2 is born!

    You might remember how sad I was when my cat Bidule died in March.... Well, I'm very excited to announce that his little brother, that we will welcome in our home in 2 months, was born 2 days ago! We named him Bidule 2 ('cause he looks soooo much like the first one!). Check out my blog to see his cute little pic (he looks like a baby rat! LOL)

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    Well congratulations on your new kitty Chloe! Bidule (the original) was such a CUTE kitten, I'm sure Bidule 2 will look more like him in a matter of days. (Rather than like a rat!) LOL.

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    Well congrats Chloe. He is a pretty kitten. Probably should make him a house cat this time. You know how boys are, they wander! Enjoy!

    Nonnie to Riley, Regan & Elise
    Grandma Chris to Jared, Brian and Elijah

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    Chloe, he's adorable! You're right...his coloring is exactly the same as his brother How fun! Congratulations, and enjoy him!

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    Congratulations, Chloe! Bidule 2 is just too cute! He does look like he's going to grow up to be just like his big brother!

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    What a cute little kitty!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    He is way too cute! Congratulations....

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