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    Chicky Challenge!!!!

    I challenge you to go to the gallery and make 5 comments on layouts. There are some GORGEOUS layouts in there and they could use some love! I know we're all busy, but please make an effort to spread the love. Everyone loves praise!

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    got it done! now maybe i'll do a LO so i can get some love too! LOL
    ~Rachel Solenberg
    My Gallery

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    I commented on more than 5. There are some fabulous layouts up there.

    I just thought of something fun. I want to scraplift someone's page, and hers is a scraplift of someone else's.
    Wouldn't it be fun to play "operator" with scrapbooks? Have someone scraplift a layout, and someone else scraplift the long until you couldn't see the original idea at all??

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    I did a lot of commenting yesterday - probably over 30! I'll be leaving some more love today!

    Sounds like a fun game, Charlene! I'm up to playing this game if we can get some more players!

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    I am up for the game too Charlene!!! Awesome Idea!
    avatar Dean Yeagle

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    i'm in charlene! set it up girl! maybe you should make a list, and then whoever goes first, etc, etc... KWIM?
    ~Rachel Solenberg
    My Gallery

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    I left more than 5 comments...after 5 I stopped counting!
    Heather Roselli

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    I did 6 right now....I apologize for any typos....I need to cut my nails but been too busy!
    ~ Darla ~

    ♥ Also Creating for ♥ SSD

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    woohoo! did some more comments posting.
    ~Rachel Solenberg
    My Gallery

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