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    Scrapped Movie Update

    ok, for everyone who has been interested in Wes Thomsen's SCRAPPED movie project ~~ there are new videos on the site and a premier date set! There is a trailer here, shot at a scrap retreat:

    and just added today, there is an excerpt from an interview done with CM founder Rhonda Anderson. It's HILARIOUS, IMO. Go watch even if you don't scrap CM-style.

    Also, there is lots of great reading on Wes' blog:

    Be sure to check back, especially if you are anywhere near the Twin Cities MN because the premier will be in Minneapolis on August 5.

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    Thanks for the update! I am so excited to see how this film turned out! I linked his promo site on my blog, but I wasn't aware of his blog!

    Do you know what format this film is going to be in? Art houses, dvd, internet, major release (too good to be true, but I would buy a ticket!) or television?

    I am glad for the premier, but now I am little bummed. I turned down a vacation in MN in July, and opted to stay in state for vacation. YIKES! That would have been so cool!
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    I love this! I can't wait to see it!

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    I know it will be on DVD because the movie premiere party tix include a copy of it. I **think** Wes is going to try and get it at some festivals or other public showings as well. I'm excited for that date because it's a SUPER cool excuse for not attending my 20th high school class reunion, ROFL. Like, oh gosh, I'd LOVE to go, really I would, but I have movie premiere to attend that night. I really would have enjoyed the reunion but if I'm gonna have an excuse not to go, it might as well be a good one, eh!?

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    Oh Christine, that's so funny!! I've got my 10 year this year and I'd love a great excuse for that one- no desire to go. I'll have to remember that one!! hehe

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    Wow, Sorry I'm a little late in coming to the party!

    Thanks for the interest in this Scrapped thing I'm working on! Any questions? Any fears?


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    Hey Wes! I am very excited about your film! After the premier, how and when will it be released?

    btw, loved your blog, and the article you wrote was great!
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    oh so excited for this!
    ~Rachel Solenberg
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    om GOSH - Wes, you're officially a CHICK

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    EEEEEE! Hi Wes! So glad to see you here!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ChristineS
    om GOSH - Wes, you're officially a CHICK
    Yah, I was thinking about that. Maybe we could change Wes from "baby chick" to "mr. chick" or how about "chick dude" !!!
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    a rose by any other name


    Never have I been so honored to be called a chick. It's the least I can do, especially since women have to put up with things like being called "guys" and other loosly male terms. I know some ladies that are offended at being called chicks so you guys are all right by me! :embaresse

    Thanks for the warm welcome. If I can set aside some of this video stuff I'd like to actually got some scrapbooks going...


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    out of the loop

    Hello Chicks!

    Sorry I've been so out of the loop and communication lately. I spent last week doing some press stuff and promoting the movie that I'm not even done with yet. Imagine that? :retarded:

    I wrote a little bit about it and sent some info to a friend of mine's blog too if you want to see a couple pics and read about it. Notice on my friends blog she also scored an interview with a person from Fujifilm corporate. There is a distinct contrast in phrasing and delivery but I was surprised to see when I was reading the rest of the blog that we wereessentially saying the same thing. I hope I don't freak them out.

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    I saw a little preview of your movie at the GASC in Arlington this weekend! I was about to pee my pants! This is awesome!!

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    Hi Kimberly, munching on lunch and checking the message boards...

    Sorry I had to cut one of the videos short! It was a tough room for it because the lights didn't want to dim and we had the house PA but it was a complete blast. I can't believe Jeanne, Afton and the crew let me go nuts there. Very cool.

    Wish I had the chance to meet you but I'm sure you were making better use of your time cropping!


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    Hey Digi Hipsters!

    Don't know if anyone is reading this thread any more but here goes:

    You never forget your first.

    I'm putting out a call for 12 x 12 layouts from scrappers asking for pages with the theme "My First Page." The movie premiere on August 5th has the same theme hoping that complete strangers to scrapbooking will watch the movie and try it so I've gotten lots of great sponsors to load up some gift bags with everything someone needs to do their first page, cutting tools, paper, pens, tape runner, etc. all archival / photo safe and all from major manufacturers.

    To get people's creative juices flowing I'm asking for anyone who has interest to send in either a copy of the first page they've done or a layout talking about what it was like to do it. We're going to display these at the premiere and then I am going to put all the submission in albums and bring them around with me to conferences, film festivals, wherever I'm showing the movie.

    We've got some heavy hitters from several big manufacturers attending and I've given Memory Makers magazine exclusive coverage of the event so if you can't be there in the flesh, be there in spirit and encourage others to take the plunge! We've already received dozens of amazing pages but are dying for more! Wouldn't it be great to have a table at a theater lined with a dozen albums, each page being someone's first experience trying it. How could someone NOT give it a whirl with that kind of encouragement?!

    Here's the rub, I need them in the mail by Saturday July 15th so we can prep them for the event! If you'd still like to give it a whack and send in your layout you can send it to:

    Lorna Klefsaas
    35585 Aztec Road
    Motley, MN 56466

    Here's the only requirements: 12 x 12 page, themed and titled "My first page" and remember it won't be returned because your layout is going to hit the road!



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