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    Talking Welcome to the Posting Contest!

    YAY, so glad you're all here to help us have fun, get to know each other, and test out our brand new server!

    Here's how it will work... starting right now, the computer will be tracking your number of posts and will stop tracking them in exactly 24 hours. Pretty simple huh? Here are a couple rules...

    -Gallery and Forum posts count
    -Posts must contain text... not just smilies
    -Keep it clean please
    -TDC staff are eligible (excluding admin)

    Our fabulous new host, James, will be checking in now and then to make sure everything is runnig smoothly. If you happen to run across anything strange, please add it to THIS thread and James will work on fixind it.

    Please have fun!

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    Ok, I'm in!

    My starting post count is 2,511.

    I didn't want to be left out, so here I am. Thanks, Pamie!

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    I have to work today but will try to play along later tonight & tomorrow!!
    I've jumped on the bandwagon! Check out my Blog

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    im in too...!post count 360! LOL!
    deanna hall photography

    Im so far behind in scrapping..its not FUNNY! its been over a year!:26:

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    The new server must be magic--everything seems to be running so fast!!

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    Fun, fun!

    Too bad, I am supposed to be cleaning and preping for a bbq I am having tomorrow, but I am still going to join in when I can


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    woohoo! my starting post count is 1280
    ~Rachel Solenberg
    My Gallery

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    Hi James! We're going to make you work today!

    ~~~> Click HERE for a good time <~~~

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    Wow! I'm already at 2,322 posts count

    ~~~> Click HERE for a good time <~~~

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    Shameless posting thread in Chicky Chat would LOVE some company!

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    Well then! That's GREAT news Laura! I'm so glad for you, it will mean one thing less on your shoulders to worry about!! YAY! We'll see how the resident "toddler" lets me post today, but I also have flowers to plant!! Yikes!

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    Sounds like a great way to test the new server!!
    Honored to be creating for:
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    Shameless posting it is!

    Seriously...I am glad that you switched servers and hope that this works well for you.

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    Yay! Maybe I'll just sit in my jammies all day. Wonder what my post count is? Hmmmm.
    -Ronee Parsons
    2007 Memory Makers Master
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    My Memory Makers Blog

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    Ahh yes, 114. Cool! I wonder how high we'll all get today! Good Luck James! LOL!
    -Ronee Parsons
    2007 Memory Makers Master
    My Designs
    My Gallery
    My Blog
    My Memory Makers Blog

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    I am starting with my skinny 39, 40 with this one
    *ANGIE (Bizzi's queen)*

    < my Blog <My new Scrappy BLOG

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