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    Thumbs up Layout of the Day - 6/1

    Sometimes a layout just calls out to you in the gallery - could be the design, could be the colors, could be the's Layout of the Day has all of these elements.

    Congratulations hwilliard, your layout titled "Daddy's Girl" is the layout of the day!

    The layout gallery link is here:

    Thank you for sharing this with us!
    ~ Darla ~

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    oh yes, I really like that one too. I already commented on it!

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    thats really a very great layout

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    Love this! I just HAD to comment on it earlier today!

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    Great job! It's really pretty! LOVE that photo!

    I didn't want to be left out, so here I am. Thanks, Pamie!

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    Thumbs up

    Wow, it's gorgeous! congrats!

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    oh! very nice choice!
    ~Rachel Solenberg
    My Gallery

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    I'm loving this layout! Congrats!!!

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    Thanks so much for picking my LO! My day has been made!! My DH is out of town, so I emailed this one to him yesterday when I finished it. I asked him about it last night while we were on the phone, and he responded with, "Yes! Loved the journaling! Great design! Good color choice!" He has been reading through the comments on some of my posted LOs and thought he should respond accordingly. LOL! He's coming along!

    Thanks again!!

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    aww this is so sweet!
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    my blog

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    Woohoo! You know I always love your work and this is no exception!
    Rachael Giallongo **
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    Great LO!!!

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    I had added that layout ot my favorites when I saw it the other day! It really is beautiful!

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    What a beautiful layout So funny about your DH's comments (mine is starting to do the same things. It's really cute out of their mouths, isn't it??)

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    Congrats!! It deserves to be recognized!!

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    Loved this as soon as I saw it. And that has to be my fav color combo. Congrats!!

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