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    Posting in the Gallery??

    Does posting in galleries relinqish rights to your LO's to the site?? Meaning do the LO's/photos you post them become their property of the site to do with as they wish??
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    whoa...deena..where did this deep question come from? its a good one tho!
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    I think that they are still your property because is a digital magazine wants to print it they have to get permission from you then it gets removed from the gallery until the magazine comes out. At least that is my understanding when Laura got a few of hers published.

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    Hmmm, I don't think the LOs become the property of the site. Some site stipulate that if a Lo is posted in their gallery that they can use it on the site for promotional perpuses... but only on the site. But, you should still be able to do what you wish with your LOs.

    However, if te LOs are created for Creative Team projects, then that's a different story.

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    I imagine that if Laura wanted to use a layout for promotional purposes she would contact that person

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    I'll bet the question came because there is a particular site "Photobucket" who has changed their tou, and declared that anything posted on their site becomes their "property" to do with as they wish. I would say, however, that unless the site makes those stipulations clear, that your layouts/photos are definitely still your property!

    Employees of the site who make things specifically for the site are a different matter. They may use those layouts as they wish, though most ENCOURAGE having their artists published because it's great publicity for the site. At least that has been my understanding.

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    I wouldn't belong to any site that claimed my work as their own. They can forget it. I don't want some one else making money off of something I did, that isn't fair.

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