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    I'm updated Not super-exciting, though...

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    im done!
    deanna hall photography

    Im so far behind in scrapping..its not FUNNY! its been over a year!:26:

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    You know what to do?

    We've got to use our minds, take it a step at a time, we can do anything that we wanna do....

    oh, not Blues Clues related?? Hmm...

    Wife to Keith, Mom to Libby, 4 and Katie, 2 My Blog

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    Mine will be up as soon as my FTP client pulls it's head out of it's hiney and updates my website properly.

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    ok, i blogged.

    Wife to Keith, Mom to Libby, 4 and Katie, 2 My Blog

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    Hmmmm... haven't updated or even looked at my blog since April... but I did today!
    Boredom Blog

    *Avatar flourishes by Michelle Coleman

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    I updated with a few vacation photos! Oh, you know you wanna take a peak!!!

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    pictures from our beer event this weekend (Curds and Ale.. hehe yum!) and a few pages I worked on this weekend.

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