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    Summer's so very long when...

    you go to WalMart today because you are going stir crazy because you haven't left the house since Sunday and every time your boys get into the same room together, they fight. So you go to WalMart after a $1.12 box of graham crackers (that the little one eats all day for snacks with peanut butter on it) and walk out with $26.00 spent, a Happy Meal (with a toy they've already gotten 2 of in it) and into a blazingly hot mommy van to get mexican food on the way home (when you are trying to eat better again and were just too hot, bored and hungry to talk yourself out of).
    Summer's a long time.....

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    i hear ya! i have gone shopping 2 times this week and come home with stuff i didn't really need. but dh is on a business trip (kind of) and only home on the weekends (all summer long) so i am going nuts with the boys by myself. and it's too freaking hot and humid to go to the park!
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    HUGS Michelle!!!!!! I totally sympathize!!!! And it is FREAKYHOT in Arizona just like Texas!!!

    Here's a big glass of virtual lemonade after your tough day, a splash of vodka if needed, and a nice refreshing fan to cool you off!

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    Gosh, that sounds like my life! Not just in the summer...maybe that's why my clothes don't fit anymore!

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    Oh Michelle, I just had one of those days too. I walked into Walmart for a package each of coffee and photo paper. I walked out with those items, plus Frosted Flakes, two bottles of bubbles, white t-shirts and fabric paint and Sunchips. WTH? Now I have 1/2 a bottle of bubbles spilled on my front porch (a la Eden) and drying t-shirts flopped all over my diningroom.

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    I feel for ya... DH and I stopped at the grocery store on the way home to buy lunch meat and cherries. I ended up spending $91.00!!! There were lots of things on sale, so we kept adding to the cart It was ridiculous. It didn't help that the cherries were $4.00 a pound! Sheesh!! I didn't even have extreme heat or kids draining me.
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    Ok I am sorry it is not just a summer thing - for me I can never leave Walmart or Target without spending more money than I intended and it's always for items that clearly were not on my "shopping list".
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    Yeah - it's not a summer thing, but I can handle staying out of the stores during school. Right now there's just not much to do and I end up taking both of the munchkins with me - so we got a Cars notebook, a color book and 2 Cars pens, a bag of Doritos - all from just them! LOL!
    It's the 1st summer that we haven't had our pool in the backyard going. Now last year I didn't want to get in it much, but when DH came home they would go in and it would burn off munchkin energy some. This year it's just broke. We want to put in an in-ground (we have an above ground), but that's not happening anytime soon. It's just so hot that I don't want to sit outside when they are in the kiddie pool. Neighbors next door have one - but you gotta be invited. My parents have a community pool, but they live in a 55+ community and have to be with us when we're at the pool. I hate making mom drop everything she was doing and going down there with us. Ugh!

    ok - rant over...

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    LOL it is hot - we were at 109 last weekend and we did put an above ground pool up and every day we get home the girls are in it til it gets dark. Funny how kids can swim and swim and just never tire. I have a laptop this year so it doesn't bother me as much to wait them out!

    Edited to add:

    Did you see cars??? Isn't that a cute loved it!
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    Ryan went with his cousin and aunt when we were in VT. We were going to go as a family - but they offered and he doesn't get to do anything with them much. So we'll probally go one weekend after the hype dies some and we need to get out of the house! I want to see it though - can't wait! Matthew even says "cars" when he sees the logo! LOL!

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    i feel your pain! my kids complain that its too hot to go outside. today was the first time we got out in a few days. (we went swimming) we gotta figure out something else to do, my boys fight all day long!
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    Oh I hear that... only we don't have the joy of WalMart or Target. :whatchuta Riley has been out of school for exactly one week and I'm already tired of hearing the girls fight! I finally broke down and took them to the public pool yesterday even though I knew I'd get sun burned.

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    Ouch! Our public pools here are like $2 to get into (or something rediculously cheap), but they are like small water parks... water slides, kiddie play areas, one has a small lazy river and a "toilet bowl" (vortex pool - goes round and round). Last summer DH was working weekends and we could go during the week - less crowded. This summer he's on weekdays, so we'll have to hit the weekends with everyone else. They are really fun though!!!

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    Is it just as bad when you're jonesing for something to do with the kids that is not "outdoor" related (because, like you Texas and Arizona and Georgia chicks- Florida is so stinkin hot and humid!) and you think of heading up to Target for a Starbucks coffee and a cruise around the store, only to realize that the budget doesn't allow for such a trip because you ALWAYS leave with that mystery bill inflated by at least 4x the amount that you originally planned to spend?? hehehe
    Oh, I guess it's the mall play area again for us today! LOL!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Laura_A
    we don't have the joy of WalMart or Target.
    No Target?!?!?! *gasp* :shocked: How do you survive???
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    So today - we got up had breakfast and went for a nice long bike ride at like 9am, before it's too hot. Then I come home and decide we'll go to Tar-jay to return a $10 CD player that we didn't need...

    and I spend $58 bucks.

    No more going to the store...

    Now - $19 of it was a big blow up pool (on sale from $29), so that's all good. I did find a bra and undies on clearance for me, a 4th of July outfit for Doodle, a swim mask out of the $1 spot for Doodle, and a PS2 footbal game on clearance for Ry for $7.50. All on clearance or cheap, but boy does it add up.
    And then we had lunch there, so I had pizza.
    I am so locked up for the rest of the summer.

    But then I buy digi kits......... LMAO!

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    Quote Originally Posted by scrapsandsass
    No Target?!?!?! *gasp* :shocked: How do you survive???

    It's very tough, believe me!! The first thing I hit last year when we got back from overseas was Target!

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    Summer's so very long when...

    It's so very long (and HOT) when you set up a canopy outside and run an extension cord from inside so that you can run a fan!! While Maggie plays in her pool or sandbox, I sit under my canopy with the nice fan blowing on me. LOL! In my defense, it's been close to 100 just about every day this week, and it hits 90 by 9am!!

    I didn't want to be left out, so here I am. Thanks, Pamie!

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    I'm right there with you!! I love my kids to peices, but they have done nothing but fight the entire summer break!!
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