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    the thread that wouldn't die

    well, since we ended well over 1000 posts on the old thread, we decided to start a new thread similar in context to shameless thread killers. it's basically just an ongoing chat.

    good morning ladies!!! i slept so well last night. it had been months since i had gotten to sleep next to DH. he sure is warm though... i had to kick my blanket off and turn the ceiling fan on!
    ~Rachel Solenberg
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    Good morning! Thanks for doing this, Rachel
    (sounds like DH's favorite line from the movie "Dave," "thanks for doing this, Ellen."

    Tamra, how exciting to get a file from you (I hadn't seen your note about it last night). DH thinks it's gorgeous too. Can't wait to start playing!!

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    Good Morning! Glad you got some good sleep Rachel!

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    I missed that...I can't imagine not having slept next to DH for months. I'm glad you slept so well, though it was warmer!
    Was Ian (?) upset that he wasn't there with you?

    Jasmine was good last night...I got a decent amount of sleep. Dreamed about CTs all night

    Tamra, can we tell? Or should we wait until your announcement??

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    Declan has swim lessons today (last two days of a 9 day program) and I am pretty sick of the pool! I love going but having to be there every morning at 9:45 gets old. We take our lunch and just stay until 1:00 every day. It looks like we might get some rain today, which would be great so I can get some scrappin done!

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    Wow, that is a long time! Hope you get your scrapping time

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    swim lessons! fun!

    yeah ian did ok. i moved his crib out of our bedroom on sunday, so he has been practicing staying in bed all night in isaac's room. i haven't had to wake up to being kicked, scratched, bitten, or cried at in a few days!
    ~Rachel Solenberg
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    oh yeah, and tamra, do you need my email address?
    ~Rachel Solenberg
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    You didn't get an email either Rachel?

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    Oh, I am sooo close to 900!! Can't go to the pool until I hit it!

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    Ok, this post will do it! Just saw your LO Charlene with Sinead's pic...OMG that is beautiful!!

    Off to the pool...hopefully I will be back before noon!

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    Thanks, Stacey

    woo-hoo!! 900 You did it

    Rachel, yay for not being kicked or scratched

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    its sad that is an accomplishment for me.
    ~Rachel Solenberg
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    Okay - so I'm finally here! Sorry about that 3 kids all waking up at different times - baths, breakfast... ready now! I haven't gotten to sleep good in a long time Glad you slept well though.

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    As for the emails. When you checked out the previews in my blog Charlene told me she like Island Vacation and Stacey told me she liked After the Rain so right then I just started sending it to them (before any real talk about CT) just because- a gift! For some reason the one to Stacey was taking FOREVER and then when I was going to bed I noticed that it had a screen like when you computer can't get a page from the internet! I wasn't sure if it had actually worked and couldn't stay there that long or if it didn't work - now i know. I didn't I'll resend.

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    Oh ya, Charlene - if you could wait til it is announced in the the store that will be great!
    Rachel I was going to look at some of my other kit previews today and see if there is one that might be more boyish. I can either pick you one to send or you can just let me know what you would like. If you saw that LO of mine a while back with the big flower and Eliana pouting- I have that kit too. The only elements it has though are alphas and 4 little elements.

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    Hehe Thanks! I'm having a blast with it. When it's all done, can I email it to you so you can see, since i can't post it??

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    I would love that - do you know my email?

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    Absolutely. I kinda figured

    I love how you have the "www.??????.com" in your TOU files. So funny! Good job remembering that

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    It shows up if I look at your profile (which I figure is how you got mine)

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