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Thread: Anyone ATCing?

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    Anyone ATCing?

    Hello Chickies =)

    Since we are talking about scrapbooking trends here, has anyone dabbled with ATCs (artistic trading cards)? I've signed up for the 2Peas digital ATC and it's a lot of fun making those little babies! Anyone else?

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    Yep, I've been doing them, too--totally fun, huh? I'm doing most of mine digitally, but am trying to do some paper...not going as well as the digital--LOL!! So much fun!

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    I just haven't gotten way into the digital form... I love making traditional ATC's so much, I don't know if I'm going to be able to make the switch? I've made 2 digital ones and wasn't thrilled with either of them. Maybe I need to relax and just play around with them a little more.

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    Maybe we need to trade secrets or something!! I wish I could figure out the paper ones....mine look not so good! (that's putting it lightly!)

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    Ok, so because of this conversation I decided to play around again and came up with this:

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    I am in the 2Peas swap - haven't even started creating mine yet though. Eek!

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    Gina-lol, better get to work girl, we don't have much time! I've got one done so far,hehehe, so I am not that much father along than you are. How many are you girls going to make? It's a big group, so there is no way I can make that many. I think I'm just going to make a set of 5-10 to share with the whole group. Can't wait to see what you girls come up with!

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    This sound so much fun. Is it to late to join??? What part of two peas can i find this, anyone have a direct Link!!! Thank


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    I made 3 for a circle journal I am at SBB. I didn't realise it was something people are doing on other sites too. I might have to look into it. They were so much fun to do.
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    just reviving this thread...

    completed some ATCs for 2peas swap II....
    anyone wana do an ATC swap here????
    i had real fun doing them...
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