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    Givin' it away FOR REAL this time!

    OK, so yousendit chose the very first time I ever tried to give anything away to go completely bonkers on me! :whatchuta

    Do not be deterred, lol. Check the old blog again. I think it's all worked out now! :22:

    Once a chick, always a chick!


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    Wow! That is soo cool! Thanks,Angelina;-)

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    Great kit Angelina! Thanks for sharing with us finally
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    Thanks Angelina. It really is nice. Can't wait to use it.

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    Grandma Chris to Jared, Brian and Elijah

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    SO Perfect!! I can't wait to use it {Tomorrow} heheh. Thanks for the PM, went and Downloaded it as soon as I got that! LOL - I love it, thanks so much for sharing!!!

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    Thanks for trying again! It works perfectly now!

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    Thank you so much, what a classy kit!

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