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Thread: Dreamy Filter?

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    Dreamy Filter?

    I have noticed that some of the pics in the gallery have a very cool
    'dreamy' look to that a filter? and if so where do I get there a free trial version that I can download? (I know...I am all about the freebies! )

    TIA for your help!
    Chatterbox DT

    Proud to be a Teacher!

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    you can get virtual photographer at:


    Dreamy Auto FX here:

    Both free!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Holly McCaig

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    thanks holly..I can always count on you!!!!
    Chatterbox DT

    Proud to be a Teacher!

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    :-) Sometimes I'm here when you need me! LOL Lately it feels like I've been a lurker! LOL
    Holly McCaig

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    I think you have been GREAT!! I think you have answered every Q I have posted about one thing or another...and there have been a LOT!!!
    Chatterbox DT

    Proud to be a Teacher!

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    I love both of the programs Holly mentioned but there is another way which I like because it give you more control over what parts of your pic you apply to look to. Example in a portrait you might want to keep the eyes, nose and mouth in focus and give the dreamy look to the rest of the photo. You could also apply this look to part of a layout rather than the entire layout.
    I posted an example in the gallery.
    If you are interested I can show you step by step.

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    I like to use Gaussian Blur and then erase back the eyes, nose and mouth.

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    I love Virtual Photographer and use it all of the time. I also sometimes use "actions" to create a desired effect. "Dave's Midnight Sepia" is a commonly used one. But there are many more. Some action downloads can be found here:

    AutoFX also has a free dreamy filter. The download is here:

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    OOPS! If I would read, I would see that Holly already posted the AutoFX one. But try out the actions downloads.

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