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    Your favourite thing right now?

    What's your favourite thing in digiscrapping right now? It can be a technique, style, even a product - just share your ideas!

    Mine is blending. I'm in the middle of taking about five papers and blending them together to make a whole new one - that's what made me think to post this thread. Anyway, that's my all time favourite thing about digiscrapping, I can use the same kit over and over but it never looks the same because it can be altered countless ways and times. I find I'm blending everything, particularly papers and especially photos, just to give them their own style. If my PS layer styles suddenly broke, I'd quite possibly die.

    Oh and white. I'm all about white.

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    Clean. Simple. Graphic. Journaling. Cut-outs.

    I am trying to do white, it looks so good on other's layouts, but I can't pull it of yet.

    I also think font work is hot! I'm working on that too.


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    I can't add anymore to what you have, Kim--ITA!!

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    I would have to say I'm with Kim....I love white space and simplicity. I have to say the I too sometimes have a hard time with it but I really like it when it works
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    creative journaling - how can i do it more creatively in my words and of course in the placement of it.
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    Photo filters! I may a little behind the times, but I just started playing with filters and I'm hooked!

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    graphic styles and great paterned paper!
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    okay..I just downloaded the optikverve filters and LOOOOOOOOVe them! How did I ever get along w/o them??? But actually I love to use TEXT in all diff ways on my LOs. I am hopelessly addicted to fonts!!!
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    i hate that optiknerves filters are only for the PC!
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    Fun thread!

    I'm in the same boat with Kim! I love clean, simple, graphic layouts. Creative font work is also something I'm trying to work on too.

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    I love the clean and simple styles that are so in fashion at the moment. I also love layering. In terms of my layouts, I am trying to include some journaling on every page.
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    Another thing to add:
    I love Retro/Mod patterns and colors.


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    I've been very into word art, and flowers. But I like the flowers to be detailed with colors, not just stamped on. I also LOVE stitching.


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    I love white space lines dots and word arts. I have to have some white somewhere in my LO are it wouldn't look right to me.

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    i like the really clean and graphic look, too....and i am ALWAYS mixing pp....i really like unexpected combos.

    hey! where can i get a look at those filters? google came up with nothing...anyone have an address? i would love to see them. TIA!

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    go to they make it too easy!!!!
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    I love bright, fun patterned papers. Stripes that coordinate with flowers, etc. I also love clear negative sleeves.

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    I love playing with white space layouts. I use OptikVerve on nearly every layout. And I love to incorporate journaling. I know my son will love to read it all later.

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    ~I always journal somewhat.
    ~I love white space lately!
    ~I love a good stitch!
    ~FONTS are fun. They are my friend. LOL
    ~"Hand-stamped" titles!
    ~Looooooooove good patterned papers!

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