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Thread: I am so UPSET

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    Unhappy I am so UPSET

    I just got back from the Vet with Buckwheat, my dog. I have had him for 9 years and discovered a growth in his nostral a couple of weeks ago. The Vet wants to take it out tomorrow a.m. at 11:00 and send it off to be tested. He thinks it is non cancerous, but I am so upset and afraid that I have done nothing but cry since I left the office. I am so scared. I love my dog and I don't want to have to put him down because we can't afford the treatments for him if it is cancer. I know it is silly to ask, but please pray for me and my dog. He's our child you know? Thanks ladies for listening to me.

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    I'm so sorry Nonnie, that is such a hard thing to have to go through. I will definitely be thinking of you and Buckwheat and praying that it isn't cancer! It is a good sign that the vet thinks it's not cancer...just keep telling yourself that in the meantime. Keep us posted!

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    I'm soo sorry to hear that.. will be praying for you...

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    Big hugs to you! We'll say a prayer for your dog... it's not silly. Pets are part of the family too and give us that unconditional love that the two-legged ones can't always give.
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    It IS as bad as you think, and they ARE out to get you.
    Our dog is a real part of our family too, it's not silly at all. I'll keep you both in my thoughts!


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    Nonnie, please don't say that it's silly! Of course we will pray for you and Buckwheat! If the vet doesn't think that it's cancerous, then rest with that fact unless you hear otherwise. I'm so sorry you have to go through that!

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    No, it's definitely not silly! Will send Buckwheat healthy vibes and lots of hugs to you!

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    Praying for pets is definately NOT silly! They are part of our family, too. Will be praying for you and Buckwheat!

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    goodluck old shepard had a growth under her back a few years back..I remember how scared I was turned out to be just fine...praying that buckwheat's will be fine too!
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    Of course we can pray for you puppy Nonnie. Animals are family too. hugz!
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    oh I really feel for you :/ In my life I have lost 2 dogs (one to cancer 13 years and one for big trouble with the skeleton) and it has been SO sad everytime and I still miss both my girls! I am fortunate to have my third black labrador and she is my number one girl (and my son is my number one man). I love dogs! Please let us know how everything turns out!

    I will pray and hope that everything will work out fine!
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    Remember when Bubby had that intestinal blockage and it was going to cost over $700.00 for a surgery that wasn't even guaranteed to correct the problem. We were so worried about him and prayed for him... and the blockage passed itself. It's SO not silly to pray for Buckwheat.. and I already have. You're obviously in a good place here for support on the subject, so keep us posted and we'll all be giving lots of hugs 'til we hear! Love you!

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    Nonnie hun. Its not silly to ask for this. I am so sorry to hear about your dog and my prayers are with you hun. Take care ok. We are all here for you xxx
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    I'm very sorry Nonnie. I would be doing the same thing if it were one of my dogs. Of course I'll send you and your doggie tons of heailng energy and a big hug.
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    Oh Nonnie - I am so sorry you have to go thorugh this and hoping the best for your dog. And I too believe that pets are family and so deserving of prayers too......take care!
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    Thank you all so much for your encouragement. I am sure that things will be fine. We leave in a few hours to drop him off at the vet. Call me crazy, but everytime I leave him at the vet he looks at me with those eyes like, "Why are you leaving me?" Gets to me, you know? I'll let you know how things turn out when I pick him up tonight at 6:00. Thanks for your concerns and prayers. They are really appreciated.

    Nonnie to Riley, Regan & Elise
    Grandma Chris to Jared, Brian and Elijah

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    So sorry, Nonnie! I'll be praying for him today. I hope it all goes well! Ya know, I think that "those eyes" would get to me too.

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    Aw - I'm so sorry that you have to go through this, Chris! And that I'm late in seeing this.
    How did it go?

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