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    Talking Just Arrived Today!!

    :present: Whoo Hooooo-- My External Hard Drive arrived today!!!!! :present:
    Yippie!!!!! I'm Soooooo thrilled. Now I can save AS MUCH as I want, AND-- I can have my things backed up incase this thing crashes again!!! Okay, one question though-- how can I backup my layouts I've made so far, while being sure they aren't putting viruses onto my ex. hard drive?? Woooot- I'm gonna go set this up... lol

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    not a clue- just wanted to say Whoo-hoo for you!!!

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    Run antivirus on the files and make sure they are not infected! And YAY!! I love my EHD
    Currently on hiatus from creative teams
    because well, college is a mojo stealer!

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    woohoo congrats. We got one last month too and it's awesome! Have fun!

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    Did I cause you to need an EHD??

    oooh no!!! I should be ashamed!!!
    NOT!!!! :JUMP:

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