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    Val, Your layouts are amazing! Its a loss for MM that they didnt choose you!
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    Val I love all you layouts!!! They are fab!!

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    I still have hopes to get mine published, so I won't be posting any time soon. Too many mags these days are requiring never before seen, never posted anywhere layouts.

    But if you have Hello or Yahoo IM, PM me and I'll share photos.


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    I'm thinking I'll put mine on my blog this week --

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    Val, I love your layouts--they absolutely rock! Can't believe they didn't get picked...that one of your DH and Eden (I think...) where you talk about him being a good husband and daddy....that's amazing! I love the one with all the thoughts coming out of your head, toO!!

    I didn't want to be left out, so here I am. Thanks, Pamie!

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    Thanks for the comments! Yeah, I thought they should pick me too (wink, wink) but a couple of weird things happened to some of my photos at the printers, and also i think they were looking for more well-rounded scrappers. Liike, maybe my layouts are too much of the same thing over and over again? I'm not sure.

    I wondered if I should upload them or not, but then remembered that Laura had one published that she had already had online last year. So I went ahead and did it. All that hard work... I just HAD to show some ofyou!

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    I'm happy that you finally uploaded these LOs, Val, they're pure beauty! TFS

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    I think they look GREAT! I haven't entered a major contest as a digi scrapper, but I went through my fair share of waiting for that phone call as a paper scrapper... I know how hard it is!

    Two years ago, I entered MMM and didn't win, and to be honest it made me very upset because I thought it was a GREAT entry. SO, I set out to prove MM wrong. LOL! That same month, CK was sponsoring a contest called "A Day in Your Life" where they gave a specific date, and you had to scrap what you were doing on that day. It was only because of MMM that I entered, and I ended up winning $500 for one layout!

    So, I hope you can see this as the next step to something much bigger! Thanks again for posting your layouts! I really enjoyed looking through your gallery!

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    I really hope at least one of those get's picked up. They're all amazing! And unless they changed the rules from last year, you can upload the LOs and they'll still take them. My "Joy & Comfort" Lo was in various galleries until they emailed and requested it for the "Best of MMM" issu...woohoo!

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    They are all wonderful!
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    Those are fabulous Val! I'll share mine in the next day or 2! Here and on my Blog!!

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    libby, i remember that contest!!

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    BTW Val~ was your last one, or the one about your dd the one for your Celebrate Life submission?

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    Quote Originally Posted by raggedy_andrea
    BTW Val~ was your last one, or the one about your dd the one for your Celebrate Life submission?
    The Then & Now one about Eden was my Celebrate Life submission. I sooooo loved doing that one. It was a lot of work and if it weren't for the contest I probably wouldn't have done it. So if nothing else I'm glad I entered the contest just to do that one layout.

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