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    Tuesday Bloggers

    You have to be up pretty darn early in the morning to beat me on posting THIS thread, girls. LOL! I'm up in the middle of the night (again), can't sleep. So I blogged. Trying not to snack.

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    I just blogged an update including hint #3 about Duplicates!
    Rachael Giallongo **
    Blogging at

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    I blogged late last night! I updated my banner & made a little announcement too!

    Check it out!! Now I gotta go update my signature/blinkies
    My Blog

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    Amanda Heimann :: Melissa Bennett :: Kim Wresh

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    yay shawna congrats! and should have something up soon i hope lol
    Ct for:


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    here is mine that i did today. blah was that long lmao:
    Ct for:


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    Okay... I blogged... it was a long one waxing philosophically after reading Val's blog.
    Boredom Blog

    *Avatar flourishes by Michelle Coleman

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    I blogged today! Not quite as controversial as my last post - and I actually had a layout to show off! TFL!

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