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Thread: Dang stove!

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    Dang stove!


    The dang stove burned me again, this time on the elbow (I did it on the same arm, halfway between wrist and elbow last time).

    And of course, I was broiling something, so the oven door was nice and hot. YIKES!

    I keep telling DH he needs to cook, this is TWICE in 2 months I have done this. Sigh. Do you know how many times you rest your elbow on something during the day? I am certainly finding that out....


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    Yikes! Be careful, girl! I remember the last time you did that.

    Great new pic by the way!
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    Thanks for the compliment about the avatar pic.

    I think the stove is out to get me. I haven't burned myself like this since I was a teenager, so it is really annoying.

    Good thing I still have the prescription burn cream from the last burn (it wasn't healing fast enough, and my dr saw me about 8 days after it happened, prescribed the stuff).


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    Ouch! Yeah, you definitely need to get dh to start cooking!! Hope your feeling better today!

    BTW, I love your new avi!!

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    Yup, guess you can't cook ANYMORE. :retarded:

    And I love the new pic too. I noticed it right away. Everytime someone changes their avie around here I get a better idea of how they look IRL

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    Yes - no more cooking for you! Hope you feel better soon!


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    Ouch, that doesn't sound too nice. Hope you feel better soon.

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    I burnt my arm twice in one night, Sunday, if that makes you feel any better! Not bad, but it stung all the same!
    Look at it this way - soon you'll be in your new home with a new stove to figure out! LOL!
    Feel better, Rachel!

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    That sucks! I'm always burning myself while I cook (let's not even mention burning the food!) what you need is a bottle of Lavender essential oil. Get a good brand like Oshadhi ( and put one drop (just one unless you dilute it) on the burn as soon as it happens. You'll be amazed at how much faster the burn will heal. (I went to school for clinical aromatherapy in a past life, lol. Sorry if I sound like a mom!)

    Hope you feel better!
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    It's an epidemic! A good friend of mine just burnt her arm on the stove too! That's it - no more cooking!

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