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    Total BRAG!!! I am so proud of myself!!!

    This Monday is my 36th birthday, and I just made a realization. I have been SMOKE-FREE for TEN YEARS!!! That's right, I have not had a cigarette in ten years this weekend!!! It was SO hard sometimes, but I have finally gotten to a place where I don't even think about wanting one unless I am under extreme stress or around certain triggers. I am so PROUD of myself! :shades_sm

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    You go girl!!!!!!

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    Well done!! That is such a terriffic achievement.
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    That's so awesome!! Good for you! It has to feel good

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    WHOA!!! That is some achievement! Way to go!

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    :party: thats awsome girl! :60:
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    Great job!!! I'll celebrate my 6th no-smoking-anniversary next month, and I realized this week that I was still willing for a cigarette to help me stand the stress! After 6 years!!! This is such a shame to be so addicted! But fortunately that kind of reaction is not very common to me and lasted for 2 seconds maximum, usually I'm disgusted by other's cigarettes instead of craving for one!

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    That is totally awesome! I wish my sister (who is 26) would quit.

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    Yeah, Angelina!! Great accomplishment....Congrats!!

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    I'm proud of you, too!! I've never been a smoker, but my husband was before we started dating as well as several family members and I know it's not an easy thing to quit. That's a huge accomplishment!! Just think of how much better your lungs and overall health are now, not to mention your pocket book!! You deserve a 10 year anniversary treat!!!

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    Big congrats to you. That is impressive! Whoo-hoo.
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    Way to go girl!!!! How exciting for you......
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    Congratulations Ange! It is a hard habit to break but I'm so proud of you! Your kids are also much better for it!

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    wooo-hoooo -- I'm a reformed smoker too

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    WOOHOOO!!! That is AWESOME!!!!!!!!! Good for've got oodles of will power and you are one strong chica!! And happy *early* birthday too!!
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    You just added another 11 years to your life according to statistics. Good going. You deserve a reward. I ended up buy two of Andrea Burns Midday Mischief kit and if you don't already have I would like to give it to you as a present. It is the hardest thing to quit smoking. It have been 16 years for me. I was never really a heavy smoker, but still it was BAD for me because of all our family history. Congrats girl! Let me know about the kit. I am sure it will be alright since I bought the kit and couldn't get a refund. If it isn't alright, I am sure that Laura or Andrea will tell me.

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    right here at my computer desk!
    Awww, Nonnie, thank you so much! As a matter of fact, I do NOT have Midday mischief!

    And, yes, I am glad for my kids. I quit smoking before I got married and before I ever got pregnant.

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