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Thread: one click wow?

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    one click wow?

    or something like that......does it work with CS too?
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    I just had a look on Amazon and there's a version for CS coming out in September. There's also the Photoshop Wow book by the same author, I remember flicking through the PS7 version and being fairly impressed - one of the only books I actually wanted to buy.

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    i use the most recent one out on my cs it!
    Holly McCaig

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    I just upgraded from PS7 to CS2 and the One Click Wow still works. It feels like some of the actions aren't there, but I honestly haven't found the time to sit down and see.
    But if you have it and upgrade, you can still use it!
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    i'M THINKING about getting it. Should I?
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    COMPLETELY - get it! I don't know how I would make 95% of my elements without it......

    I actually installed my PSE3 copy with PSCS2. Works like a charm.

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    cool! I'll go get it tomorrow (if it ever stops raining!)
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    Hmmmm.... I've always wondered about this and was tempted to get it myself. Maybe I will...

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    does anybody know if this works with dip as well?..i have eye candy and that works with dip, but i have heard that one click is better and would love to try it too.

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    okay i got it...and cant figure it out in CS. i'M A DUMMY.
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    i figured it out...OMG this rocks beyond my wildest dreams!
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    OK, I gotta know ... what is it? Where do I get it? And how much does it cost? It's no fair if you guys have cool tools and I don't!!!

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    robyn go right now to the book store or Amazon and pick it up. Its brushes and styles and textures. Totally rocks!
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    I love it, glad you are all enjoying it also....make life a little easier/i'm your girl.


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    I am going to buy it this week but just wanted to check one more time ... it DOES WORK with CS and CS2, right??!!

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    Yes Robyn. I installed my PSE3 copy into PSCS2 with no problems. You'll LOVE it! You'll be able to make metals and use different textures and so much more!

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    Thanks Gina! I guess I'll take the plunge. But as far as making metals and such ... LOLOL!!!!! I just can't do elements (or papers or anything else for that matter!). That's why I have to rely on you awesome designers.

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    OMG it is SO easy with this program though! You make a shape and just drag the metal texture to it. BAM! It bevels it and everything! You wouldn't believe how easy it is.

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