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    Advanced Photoshop Tip

    got this from a Wacom newsletter

    "One of the ways you can get better results from the Clone Stamp tool in Photoshop is to change the blend mode to either Lighten (to fix "darker" problems) or Darken (to fix "lighter" problems). But that means a lot of time wasted by changing the settings back and forth in the Options bar. So, with a bit of upfront work, you can make your life easier down the road. First, make 2 tool presets for the Clone Stamp tool: one in Darken mode, one in Lighten mode. Then create two actions, each with their own F-key shortcut: one that selects the darken preset and one that selects the lighten preset. Finally in the Control Panel (or Mac System Preferences) for your Wacom pen tablet, change the function of the side switch so that the top uses one keystroke (whatever you assigned to the darken preset action), while the bottom uses the other F-key shortcut. Now you'll be able to switch between Lighten and Darken mode for the Clone Stamp tool with a simple click of the side switch. (Or, you could apply the same concept to the ExpressKeysT on an Intuos3 pen tablet or Cintiq 21UX pen display)."
    who's gonna give it a try?

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    Great idea. I've only ever used the clone stamp as is...didn't think to change the blend modes.

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    I'm constantly amazed at how much I DON'T know about PS. LOL Thanks for this great tip Christine!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Laura_A
    I'm constantly amazed at how much I DON'T know about PS. LOL Thanks for this great tip Christine!


    Kimberly Giarrusso

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    what a great tip! thanks christine! i'm off to play!
    ~Rachel Solenberg
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