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    The people who just can't kill threads keep talking...

    Here we go New thread!!

    (old thread is here)

    Anyone looking in to see what this it: it's kind of a long-term version of a chat. Feel free to jump in (you might want to read the last few posts and see what people are talking about, but when it starts getting long you probably don't want to read the whole thing before jumping in!)

    And it's a really, really bad thing to have someone who's on a sugar high, falling asleep at the same time, start an explanatatory thread

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    ~Rachel Solenberg
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    lmao charlene !
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    christine- thats awsome bout the party favors and the stitches.

    Kim- sorry bout the interview. thats awsome you and Dh had a great time last night! so glad it made you feel better too. and hope you have fun tonight hun! and no nothing was given to me lol. so still taking tylonal lol.
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    wow so it took me like a month to finish a new kit... but it's finally done!! i'm so excited!
    ~Rachel Solenberg
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    Yay Rachel!! Can't wait to see it
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    check out my blog for a sneak peek! it'll be up... um... this weekend!
    ~Rachel Solenberg
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    woo hoo! can't wait to play with it!

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    I've never been a 'thread-killer'... can I join? I'm druink enough to take my top off... will that make me cool enough to join the group? tee heee

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    woo hoo val! though you were "cool" enough before lmao!!!
    Rachel love the new kit! it's so cute!
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    val... you are totally cool enough to hang with us... top or no top!
    ~Rachel Solenberg
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    you guys crack me up...maybe i should download the last thread, and read that with the dezine, and DST newsletter on my trip this weekend

    Im leaving tomorrow, and i wont be heard from till at the earliest Sunday evening!! Im so freakin excited, me and DH get a weekend without kiddos...Its our church's annual Marriage Retreat, we will be near Kansas City, MO
    Currently on hiatus from creative teams
    because well, college is a mojo stealer!

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    Have fun Deena! we'll miss you!!!
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    Rachel!! I really like your new kit, but I just saw After Hours! Wowsers!! That is a cool kit!
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    isnt it nora! she is so awsome lol
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    Hey ladies! I have been gone almost all day and I'm so tired. I just wanted to check my email and make my quick rounds before hittin' the hay. I had to stop and drop by our new thread! Couldn't not post on the first day Night!

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    OH a new one....great thinking!!! And Val you are too much!
    ~ Darla ~

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    lol I love Val's drunken posts!! :regular_s

    Have a great trip, Deena! off to check out Rachel's new kit before I put myself to bed.

    I didn't want to be left out, so here I am. Thanks, Pamie!

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    thanks for the love ladies! i sure was getting discouraged for a bit... but i hope i'm "back" now... did you see christine ALREADY made a LO with it??? and i just gave it to them last night! my CT rocks my world!!!
    ~Rachel Solenberg
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    Rachel, I just took a look-see at your kits at PDW. You're doing really good work, girl!

    Deena, hope you have a great trip! I would LOVE to go on a couples retreat sometime.

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