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    Sunday Chatter...

    I enjoyed yesterday's thread so much, I thought I'd start on today. What's everyone doing?

    I feel so hip today in my new mid-rise flare legged jeans and then it occured to me that I'm probally still 6 months or more behind the times, for I think peg leg is in right now. Although my legs are not peg legs anymore! Am I old if I was in on that tread in the 80's?

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    Peg leg jeans??!! I'm more out of the loop than you. I'm always wearing capris or my comfy pants (aka yoga pants). But when I do wear's usually low rise, boot cut. Is that still in style?? LOL's pretty much a bumming around day. The kids are playing loudly in the living room. I'm in my bedroom listening to my Jack Johnson tunes and DH is playing his computer games. I finally got a layout finished, but can not post it yet. Now I'm off to try to scrap something else.

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    We went to church and breakfast, now I am here getting caught up. After this, I will be back in the kitchen. We are making grape juice this weekend. We got 6 batches done last night, and we have about that much to do today. Then we have the joy of cleaning up this sticky house!

    Oh, speaking of cleaning, guess what I found my DH doing last night? He was VACUUMING the BACKYARD!!!! :34: OK, I actually get it, he didn't want all the dropped graped to be tracked into the house, but it still made me laugh! This isn't the first time, either! I have photos of him vacuuming the yard on the 4th of July, too!
    My sorry, sorry Blog

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    LOL! Was he using a vacuum cleaner???

    ok....what are peg leg jeans? I'm really out of it.... I'm usually in yoga pants or capri pants too. If I wear jeans they are straight leg levi's.

    Today we went to the mall to buy my dh a tuxedo. He won an award for work and has to go to Boston next weekend to get the award, but it's a tuxedo dinner. We're sort of trying to keep busy waiting for any news on my FIL.

    My dh is about to go to the grocery store so we can make dinner and then I'm going to work out. The kids have off Mon & Tues for teacher conferences so it's a slow night here tonight.

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    blah not much here. just got done with an otmeal bath and being drenched in camamile lotion. stupid hives. ugh cant wait to get this over with.
    Ct for:


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    Don't even get me started on pant styles. I love how cute these girls look in skinny pants and leggings, but can the rest of us wear this stuff? It reminds me of when we used to stuff our kittens into Barbie clothes... it just doesn't look right.

    Oh, and I took way too long of nap and now have to stay up extra late to get stuff done. Oppsie!

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    Peg leg = skinny tapered jeans

    Today, I drove back home from Bellevue to Portland, dropped my friend off at home, checked my email and message boards, made my weekly visit to the new house (we got our front porch pillars and the garage floor since Wednesday), and in general just relaxed since I got back.

    I'm starting to pack up stuff again, since we now have less than seven weeks until we move again. :retarded:


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    2 layouts from me today!! Whooohooo! I did one about the coming baby and one that for the scraplift challenge.

    Other than that I've just been trying to relax. I'm worn out from my cleaning spree yesterday! lol

    I didn't want to be left out, so here I am. Thanks, Pamie!

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    Did you put your pages in the gallery yet?

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    Yep...want some linkies? :regular_s

    We Can Hardly Wait...

    Sweet 'lil Cutie

    That second one uses your Foam Stamp Alpha, too, Vall! :regular_s

    I didn't want to be left out, so here I am. Thanks, Pamie!

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    Aww, girl... you knew I was just too lazy to go over and hunt 'em down myself, didn't you. LOL! I left some lovin'

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    Thanks, Val! :regular_s You're super fast! Now I feel like I need to go spread some love over in the gallery instead of shutting down the computer and going to sleep!

    I didn't want to be left out, so here I am. Thanks, Pamie!

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    Those were cute pages Sinead! Love that alpha Val

    Is anyone still up? LOL. I really should be in bed. I wish I had gotten some LO's or something worthwhile done tonight.

    I have this problem... when I get a little peace and quiet after bedtime, I tend to waste a little too much time vegging out- surfing, chatting, something else silly... like I don't have plenty of things I SHOULD be doing LOL

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    I'm still up too. Going go through the gallery in a little bit...haven't really been there since thursday - yikes! lol.

    ~~~> Click HERE for a good time <~~~

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    Hey, another isomniac.. I was just spreadin' some love around too. This site has so many great LO's, it's so easy to leave positive comments!

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