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    Angry Warning- MAJOR Rant!

    OMG you guys, I'm SO upset right now! It's a long story... but I have to get it out!

    So, I noticed about a month ago that it looked like there was water damage at the base of the wall outside our bathroom. Just great because it is NOT easy to deal with German landlords simply because of the language barier and the fact that the Landlord/Tenant Laws are.. well... different from the US at best. We have a special office through the military who is supposed to be the go-between. I called them when we noticed the damage and left a message, but I did not receive a call back. So, last week I called again and finally got to talk with someone who contacted our landlord right away. They came out to see what the problem was and to fix a few other minor things that were wrong here and there. Keep in mind that from day 1 our landlord has been SO kind... even bringing the girls baby dolls at Christmas... and they come as soon as housing calls them. So I'm thinking the problem will be fixed and everything will be hunky dory. So, far this is SOOO not the case. She came out today with a repair guy to assess the damage and, from what I could gather through my minimum German, she is blaming it on my girls and saying that WE have to pay the damages. Apparently, the overflow valve was loose, so every time we took a shower, water would run right down onto the floor under the tub because our shower head points right at the overflow valve. She claims that the only way that valve could be loose is if my girls loosened/broke it (they're 6 & 4), so the damages are my responsibility, not hers. She also says we waited too long to call. Um, no, I called as soon as I noticed there might be a problem... which by that time, the damage was already done. I called the housing office back today to tell them what I gathered she said to me, but of course they can't do anything until they receive her statement to see what in fact she is claiming.

    I'm SO furious right now that I have to deal with this. 1) because the chances of us getting our $4000 deposit back now are slim and 2) I never wanted to move off post in the 1st place... they made us 2 years ago because they were remodeling the building we lived in and didn't have anything else on post for us. So, we were forced to move off post (which I've actually enjoyed, but that's beside the point), spend additional money out of our pocket to pay the gas and electric bills... and now this!

    And the worst part of it all is that, now my husband is going to be a real bear to live with because he automatically assumes the worst of any situation and when it comes to money... holy overlord batman... he's a PIA if he feels it's being wasted. These damages could cost us upwards of $5000 if housing doesn't fight for us! :17:

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    That sucks Laura! Hopefully that housing office will help you guys out. Is your DH in the military or are you? Just being nosey, I'm in the Air Force, would so love to go to Germany. Hugs!

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    Let it all out girl! Gosh I would be spewin too and it would be so hard trying to sort all this out when you have the language barrier as well. Hopefully the housing office can sort it out for you. Got my fingers crossed for you.


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    Oh man....I hate landlord stuff. We had a similar situation back in our renting days and it was a water situation and it was the reason we finally decided to buy a house when I was 8 1/2 months pregnant with our 1st. Everyone thought we were crazy, but we just didn' want to deal with that cr*(&P anymore. You feel so darn helpless...and then you add language barriers and different can't even imagine. Sending good vibes your way!!

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    That really stinks, Laura! My DH is the same way about assuming the worst about stuff and being a real PIA over what he feels is wasted money. And HOW could your girls break a value? They can't reach where the shower is pointing. UGH! Hopefully the housing office will fight for you!!

    I didn't want to be left out, so here I am. Thanks, Pamie!

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    Sorry to hear this. I hope everything works out for you.

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    Oh for goodness sake! I'm so sorry! I would keep fighting this if you can. How in the world could your kids break that thing anyway. I think she is trying to pass the buck because she knows what an expense fix it's going to be. (((hugs)))

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    ugh, I am so sorry. I hope things get worked out for you!

    BTW, you should ask how the valve could have been loosened by a 4 or 6 year old, and see if there are any other possible explanations. The housing corp. should fight for you, especially since the landlord is just speculating. Just write everything down, in case you need to refer to a timeline later.

    Good Luck!
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    Vanessa - Laura's hubyy is in the Army...

    (((Hugs))) Laura! That just sucks!!! I'm so sorry! Hopefully something will get worked out! You guys are coming home when? Next summer???

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    Thanks Michelle, I totally understand what your going through Laura. I was in Japan for 3 years and lived offbase for one of those years. I hate not being about to understand everyone. I hope you get it all worked out.

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    OMG - that really stinks! I can't believe that she would blame it on the girls - she has no idea, but probably wants to get out of paying. That's just crazy!

    This is totally not me b/c I'm a chicken and can't stand up for myself lol...but wonder if you could write a formal letter of complaint documenting your side. Take a picture now, document when you first started noticing the water damage and when you first notified the landlord and how many times before they came out. I wouldn't respond to the assessment yet...since you don't aren't 100% accurate as to exactly what they said, right?

    Tell that office you are waiting for the landlord to come fix the problem after their last assessment. Then if they tell you they won't fix it and give that reason just state in response letter that your girls to NOT touch that thingamabob (lol). YOu still watch them bathe, right? I'm not sure when kids are old enough to take a shower by themselves since my oldest is 3 lol. Since you bathe them (I'm assuming), tell them that you are with them every moment and they do not touch it.

    Did they tighten it when they were there??

    Wow - it's so easy to say all these things I would be too scared to do lol. I just think it's bogus they just plain out blamed it on the girls w/o even asking you anything.


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    Oh man, Laura. So sorry. Big hugs for you. I hope the housing people can get it straightened out for you. I'm sure they must have to deal with stuff like this a lot.
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    oh Laura, I really hope the housing will fight for you...((hugs))
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    I'm so sorry you have to deal with this Laura! I hope it all gets worked out soon!
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    Oh my! What a mess. I hope that the housing office can help you. There has to be a way to fight this. Hugs!!!
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    Too bad! I don't know if the laws are the same in Germany, but in France the people who live in the house only has to pay for "small" everyday repairs: to change the light bulb, to repair a window that he broke, things like that. But bigger repair must be payed by the owner of the house: the law says that the owner must rent a house where you can live correctly, which means that the doors and windows close, that the heater works, and that the bathroom doesn't turn into a swimming pool each time you take a shower! Try to check if the rules are the same in Germany, in that case that type of repair should definitely be paid by the owner!

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    Yikes!! I'm SO sorry, Laura, and can totally relate to the hubby thing. I sure hope the landlord ends up being kind, after all, and doesn't end um making you pay for it!! (((HUGS))) to you sweetie
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    Oh MAN, that totally SUCKS! I really hope housing can work it out for you!

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    OH wow I feel for you to be in the spot you are.....take care....hoping for a good outcome cuz I sooo can't see how your girls "could" do such a thing.....way too young!
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    girl, you KNOW i have german friends and i'll have them over at your place in a heartbeat to fight your landlord.....
    and trust me, they're nice and all...very formal and respectful, but they're not gonna shell out a dime for you. seriously.
    our freakin doorknobs pop off when we open the doors, our foyer wiring is shot, and our landlord could care less.

    oh and chloe~ i think things may be a bit different here...because a landlord can rent out an apartment that has bare concrete floors, damaged walls, and plumbing problems...and it's up to the tenant to fix these things. we were looking at an apartment that literally had bare concrete floors...and we asked the landlord to put in flooring (b/c i don't want to sink $$ into a freakin apartment) and he said wasn't his problem and if a tenant wanted a floor, then they would get one and not bother him about it...he didn't live there. crazy huh?

    so i don't know....

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