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Thread: Woot!!!

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    Josh Groban's new CD, Awake, was released today. *Swoon!*

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    Hmm... just not a fan. I don't get what the big deal is. (let the flogging begin)

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    I'm checking in as part of the Pro- Groban team.... Wish I could go out and buy it right now!!!!

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    :retarded: Bite your tongue, Val!!! Dem's fightin' words!

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    I love him! Our family is divided, though. One set of nieces love him, and have seen him in concert. The other set of nieces can't stand him. But, I think their main objection is that no boy should be prettier than most girls! LOL!!!
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    Is this where I admit that I bought the Internet edition that has the CD and DVD? I got mine pre-order from Warner Bros yesterday.


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    hehehehe! i must say i like his work! he is definitely far too pretty though!
    ~Rachel Solenberg
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    THATs what it is... too pretty. Thanks, Rachel (without an 'a')

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