The Digichick Gallery en-us Mon, 26 Feb 2018 03:08:17 +0000 PhotoPost Pro 7.0 60 Wildflower Center Right <a href=";title=wildflower-center-right&amp;cat=1778"><img title="Robin_2018_March_Right_LR.jpg" border="0" src="" alt="Robin_2018_March_Right_LR.jpg" /></a><br /><br />by: mocamom<br /><br />Description: Kit: #2018 March - Bundle Collection by Connie Prince at mocamom Mon, 26 Feb 2018 02:44:56 +0000 Wildflower Center Left <a href=";title=wildflower-center-left&amp;cat=1778"><img title="Robin_2018_March_Left_LR.jpg" border="0" src="" alt="Robin_2018_March_Left_LR.jpg" /></a><br /><br />by: mocamom<br /><br />Description: Kit: #2018 March - Bundle Collection by Connie Prince at mocamom Mon, 26 Feb 2018 02:44:56 +0000 Winter Snow <a href=";title=winter-snow&amp;cat=1778"><img title="ads_WinterWhispers.jpg" border="0" src="" alt="ads_WinterWhispers.jpg" /></a><br /><br />by: Hiddenartist<br /><br />Description: [url=]Winter Whispers by Alexis Design Studio[/url] [url=]Winter Freeze Stamps &amp; Frames by PrelestnayaP Design[/url] Hiddenartist Mon, 26 Feb 2018 01:38:50 +0000 Emma <a href=";title=emma&amp;cat=1778"><img title="ads_ForeverInMyHeart.jpg" border="0" src="" alt="ads_ForeverInMyHeart.jpg" /></a><br /><br />by: Hiddenartist<br /><br />Description: [url=]Forever In My Heart by Alexis Design Studio[/url] Hiddenartist Sun, 25 Feb 2018 23:31:29 +0000 rose-1 <a href=";title=rose-1&amp;cat=1778"><img title="rose-1.jpg" border="0" src="" alt="rose-1.jpg" /></a><br /><br />by: nanascrapper<br /><br />Description: Mood Board Challenge February 2018 Kit is Heart You by Sherwood Template is Dimensional Tray 1 by Sherwood nanascrapper Sun, 25 Feb 2018 20:47:23 +0000 You Have My Heart <a href=";title=you-have-my-heart&amp;cat=1778"><img title="TMD_LifeNotes.jpg" border="0" src="" alt="TMD_LifeNotes.jpg" /></a><br /><br />by: Hiddenartist<br /><br />Description: [url=]Life Notes by Tami Miller Designs[/url] [url=]Heartfelt #1 Templates by Aimee Harrison Designs[/url] Hiddenartist Sun, 25 Feb 2018 19:51:48 +0000 Emma <a href=";title=emma&amp;cat=1778"><img title="etd_SmellTheFlowers.jpg" border="0" src="" alt="etd_SmellTheFlowers.jpg" /></a><br /><br />by: Hiddenartist<br /><br />Description: [url=]Smell The Flowers by et designs[/url] Hiddenartist Sun, 25 Feb 2018 17:21:28 +0000 My Girl <a href=";title=my-girl&amp;cat=1778"><img title="JA_2018-02_BingoChallenge_600_WS.jpg" border="0" src="" alt="JA_2018-02_BingoChallenge_600_WS.jpg" /></a><br /><br />by: kabrak1207<br /><br />Description: This was done for the February 2018 Bingo Challenge at JA Credits: [url=]Sherwood Studio's The Photo Project Romantic Spring[/url] [url=]Aimee Harrison Designs' 360 All About February Collection[/url] kabrak1207 Sun, 25 Feb 2018 16:23:53 +0000 True Serenity <a href=";title=true-serenity&amp;cat=2091"><img title="True_Serenity.jpg" border="0" src="" alt="True_Serenity.jpg" /></a><br /><br />by: Art_Teacher<br /><br />Description: One of my favorite places in Ohio, Old Man's Cave in the Hocking Hills. Credits: Silvia Romeo's [url=]Lavendar Fields[/url] kit. Template by Chrissy W. from Sampler Pack 23. Art_Teacher Sun, 25 Feb 2018 16:02:54 +0000 FB Cover Valentine <a href=";title=fb-cover-valentine&amp;cat=2084"><img title="FB-_Cover_Valentine_prev.jpg" border="0" src="" alt="FB-_Cover_Valentine_prev.jpg" /></a><br /><br />by: Kathryn<br /><br />Description: February Facebook Challenge [url=] In My Heart Collection,[/url] by Palvinka Designs Kathryn Sun, 25 Feb 2018 12:38:09 +0000 FB Cover Dan's Birthday <a href=";title=fb-cover-dan-27s-birthday&amp;cat=2089"><img title="FB-Cover_Dan_Feb-2018-prev.jpg" border="0" src="" alt="FB-Cover_Dan_Feb-2018-prev.jpg" /></a><br /><br />by: Kathryn<br /><br />Description: [url=]Outdoor Adventures [/url]by Magical Scraps Galore Kathryn Sun, 25 Feb 2018 12:38:08 +0000 moment-captured3 <a href=";title=moment-captured3&amp;cat=1728"><img title="moment-captured3.jpg" border="0" src="" alt="moment-captured3.jpg" /></a><br /><br />by: vesta2<br /><br />Description: Capture Life (collection) by Kimeric Kreations photo by pixabay vesta2 Sun, 25 Feb 2018 11:14:44 +0000 night-silence <a href=";title=night-silence&amp;cat=1728"><img title="night-silence.jpg" border="0" src="" alt="night-silence.jpg" /></a><br /><br />by: vesta2<br /><br />Description: Goodnight Moon (collection) by Kimeric Kreations by pixabay vesta2 Sun, 25 Feb 2018 11:08:57 +0000 beautiful-night1 <a href=";title=beautiful-night1&amp;cat=1728"><img title="beautiful-night1.jpg" border="0" src="" alt="beautiful-night1.jpg" /></a><br /><br />by: vesta2<br /><br />Description: Goodnight Moon (collection) by Kimeric Kreations photo by pixabay vesta2 Sun, 25 Feb 2018 11:06:13 +0000 3--year--kinder1 <a href=";title=3yearkinder1&amp;cat=1778"><img title="3--year--kinder1.jpg" border="0" src="" alt="3--year--kinder1.jpg" /></a><br /><br />by: nanascrapper<br /><br />Description: Pocket Scrapbooking Challenge February 2018 Template by Prelestnaya. Tell Your Story Vol 3-3 Kits by Kimeric. Oh Boy, A Boys Life and A Boys World nanascrapper Sun, 25 Feb 2018 03:58:29 +0000 Sisters <a href=";title=sisters&amp;cat=1778"><img title="20120800-Mom_Aunt_Bea.jpg" border="0" src="" alt="20120800-Mom_Aunt_Bea.jpg" /></a><br /><br />by: lizziej<br /><br />Description: My mom (standing) with her sister. They are the best of friends! Palvinka Designs: Best Friends Collection Sherwood Studio - In the Shadows Photoshop Drop Shadows Style Set Font: Sacramento Photoshop Elements 10 Thanks for looking!<br /><br />2 comments lizziej Sat, 24 Feb 2018 21:13:14 +0000 First Quarter <a href=";title=first-quarter&amp;cat=1778"><img title="20020518-1stQtr.jpg" border="0" src="" alt="20020518-1stQtr.jpg" /></a><br /><br />by: lizziej<br /><br />Description: Kimerica Kreations: Goodnight Moon Collection Font: Times New Roman Photoshop Elements 10 Thanks for looking!<br /><br />1 comment lizziej Sat, 24 Feb 2018 20:53:23 +0000 face-book1 <a href=";title=face-book1&amp;cat=1778"><img title="face-book1.jpg" border="0" src="" alt="face-book1.jpg" /></a><br /><br />by: nanascrapper<br /><br />Description: Facebook Cover Challenge February 2018 Kits by ET Designs. Selfie Time and Paper Meadows<br /><br />1 comment nanascrapper Sat, 24 Feb 2018 20:15:03 +0000 love-is-in-the-air6 <a href=";title=love-is-in-the-air6&amp;cat=1778"><img title="love-is-in-the-air6.jpg" border="0" src="" alt="love-is-in-the-air6.jpg" /></a><br /><br />by: nanascrapper<br /><br />Description: Heart Challenge February 2018 Template by Akizo Paper Play 04 template 1 Kits by Akizo. Dahlia and Be Happy and Smile<br /><br />2 comments nanascrapper Sat, 24 Feb 2018 20:02:41 +0000 Mommy-Son Date <a href=";title=mommy-son-date&amp;cat=509"><img title="Nikki-Paulie_DateNight.jpg" border="0" src="" alt="Nikki-Paulie_DateNight.jpg" /></a><br /><br />by: Kathryn<br /><br />Description: Use it All Challenge, mini kit by Kimeric Kreations [url=] Photomasks templates Vol.27[/url] by PrelestnayaP Design<br /><br />1 comment Kathryn Sat, 24 Feb 2018 17:51:31 +0000 Girls Sledding <a href=";title=girls-sledding&amp;cat=1778"><img title="cap_WintersFreeze.jpg" border="0" src="" alt="cap_WintersFreeze.jpg" /></a><br /><br />by: Hiddenartist<br /><br />Description: [url=]Winter's Freeze by Connie Prince[/url] [url=]Winter Freeze Stamps &amp; Borders by PrelestnayaP Design[/url] [url=]Winter Freeze Photomasks by PrelestnayaP Design[/url]<br /><br />1 comment Hiddenartist Sat, 24 Feb 2018 06:25:43 +0000 Caleb at the Table <a href=";title=caleb-at-the-table&amp;cat=1778"><img title="cap_ThisIsOurLife.jpg" border="0" src="" alt="cap_ThisIsOurLife.jpg" /></a><br /><br />by: Hiddenartist<br /><br />Description: [url=]This is Our Life by Connie Prince[/url]<br /><br />3 comments Hiddenartist Sat, 24 Feb 2018 04:41:01 +0000 Exploring <a href=";title=exploring&amp;cat=1778"><img title="cap_Gather.jpg" border="0" src="" alt="cap_Gather.jpg" /></a><br /><br />by: Hiddenartist<br /><br />Description: Spotlight on Connie Prince challenge [url=]Gather kit by Connie Prince[/url] [url=]Gather extra papers by Connie Prince[/url]<br /><br />1 comment Hiddenartist Sat, 24 Feb 2018 03:00:14 +0000 Baby Sarah <a href=";title=baby-sarah&amp;cat=1778"><img title="BabySarah_cap_blend_rfw.jpg" border="0" src="" alt="BabySarah_cap_blend_rfw.jpg" /></a><br /><br />by: Deanna<br /><br />Description: Perspective by River Rose Designs;cat=987&amp;page=5 Template from Connie Prince Deanna Sat, 24 Feb 2018 02:38:34 +0000 Hello Frog <a href=";title=hello-frog&amp;cat=1778"><img title="hello_frog_aimeeh_rfw.jpg" border="0" src="" alt="hello_frog_aimeeh_rfw.jpg" /></a><br /><br />by: Deanna<br /><br />Description: She She just happens to be the cutest little frog you've ever seen! :) I used Hello Spring by Amanda Yi &amp; Amber Shaw found here:;cat=987&amp;page=5 and a template from Aimee Harrison found here: Deanna Sat, 24 Feb 2018 01:12:43 +0000 To The Moon <a href=";title=to-the-moon&amp;cat=1778"><img title="kk_GoodnightMoon.jpg" border="0" src="" alt="kk_GoodnightMoon.jpg" /></a><br /><br />by: Hiddenartist<br /><br />Description: [url=]Goodnight Moon by Kimeric Kreations[/url] [url=]White Space Volume 24 templates by Connie Prince[/url] Hiddenartist Fri, 23 Feb 2018 22:11:50 +0000 My March 2017 <a href=";title=my-march-2017&amp;cat=1778"><img title="2018_March.jpg" border="0" src="" alt="2018_March.jpg" /></a><br /><br />by: 3BluEyedBabies<br /><br />Description: [url=]#2018 March 2018 Bundle [/url]&amp; [url=]#2018 March Extra Alphas [/url]by Connie Prince Font: DJB Bailey 3BluEyedBabies Fri, 23 Feb 2018 21:38:08 +0000 Sweet Sisters <a href=";title=sweet-sisters&amp;cat=1778"><img title="kk_WithLove.jpg" border="0" src="" alt="kk_WithLove.jpg" /></a><br /><br />by: Hiddenartist<br /><br />Description: [url=]With Love by Kimeric Kreations[/url] Hiddenartist Fri, 23 Feb 2018 19:30:36 +0000 My Purrfect Boy, Keiko <a href=";title=my-purrfect-boy-2c-keiko&amp;cat=2067"><img title="by_Alexis_110.jpg" border="0" src="" alt="by_Alexis_110.jpg" /></a><br /><br />by: Alexis Design Studio<br /><br />Description: Credits: [url=]Lucky in Love - Collection, by Alexis Design Studio[/URL] Template by Heart Strings Art Thanks for looking! Alexis Design Studio Fri, 23 Feb 2018 18:42:18 +0000 One Ordinary Day <a href=";title=one-ordinary-day&amp;cat=2083"><img title="Caden-Lauren-Sketch.jpg" border="0" src="" alt="Caden-Lauren-Sketch.jpg" /></a><br /><br />by: Kathryn<br /><br />Description: Template Challenge [url=] Just a Boy Collection,[/url] by et Designs Kathryn Fri, 23 Feb 2018 18:13:49 +0000 Turning 39 <a href=";title=turning-39&amp;cat=1923"><img title="turning-39.jpg" border="0" src="" alt="turning-39.jpg" /></a><br /><br />by: dshepard<br /><br />Description: Using the [url=]#2018 March[/url] collection and a [url=]It Takes Two Vol 12[/url] template, all by Connie Prince dshepard Fri, 23 Feb 2018 16:38:48 +0000 Rome <a href=";title=rome&amp;cat=509"><img title="BE_Chart_Your_Course_gradient_copy.jpg" border="0" src="" alt="BE_Chart_Your_Course_gradient_copy.jpg" /></a><br /><br />by: Bright Eyes<br /><br />Description: TDC Technique Challenge Gradient tutorial by Snickerdoodle Designs Photo of Rome Fountain taken my son - used with permission Chart Your Course by Snickerdoodle Designs Bright Eyes Fri, 23 Feb 2018 15:28:08 +0000 Flying Kisses <a href=";title=flying-kisses&amp;cat=2119"><img title="FL01.jpg" border="0" src="" alt="FL01.jpg" /></a><br /><br />by: Jazzy Junk<br /><br />Description: Lovely, soft colors.. another gorgeous kit from Tami Miller Designs - Flying Kisses. Jazzy Junk Fri, 23 Feb 2018 14:18:12 +0000 My Soul Loves <a href=";title=my-soul-loves&amp;cat=2083"><img title="DHarriman.jpg" border="0" src="" alt="DHarriman.jpg" /></a><br /><br />by: Kathryn<br /><br />Description: Technique Challenge [url=]Lucky in Love - Collection,[/url] by et Designs Kathryn Fri, 23 Feb 2018 12:17:52 +0000 favourite-moments1 <a href=";title=favourite-moments1&amp;cat=1778"><img title="favourite-moments1.jpg" border="0" src="" alt="favourite-moments1.jpg" /></a><br /><br />by: nanascrapper<br /><br />Description: February Art Journaling Challenge Inspired by Song by Mark Wills &quot;I Do (cherish you)&quot; Have used Kimeric kit Unforgettable and Paper from NL freebie NL1214 nanascrapper Fri, 23 Feb 2018 03:15:51 +0000 I-do5 <a href=";title=i-do5&amp;cat=1778"><img title="I-do5.jpg" border="0" src="" alt="I-do5.jpg" /></a><br /><br />by: nanascrapper<br /><br />Description: February Art Journaling Challenge Inspired by Song by Mark Wills &quot;I Do (cherish you)&quot; Have used Kimeric kit Unforgettable and Paper from NL freebie NL1214 nanascrapper Fri, 23 Feb 2018 03:15:51 +0000 love-is-in-the-air22 <a href=";title=love-is-in-the-air22&amp;cat=1778"><img title="love-is-in-the-air22.jpg" border="0" src="" alt="love-is-in-the-air22.jpg" /></a><br /><br />by: nanascrapper<br /><br />Description: February Word Art Challenge Word Art by Angel Jet Kit Welcome Summer by Akizo Template Original Impulse Vol 1 Temp 1 nanascrapper Fri, 23 Feb 2018 03:09:24 +0000 always-and-forever-jpg1 <a href=";title=always-and-forever-jpg1&amp;cat=1778"><img title="always-and-forever-jpg1.jpg" border="0" src="" alt="always-and-forever-jpg1.jpg" /></a><br /><br />by: nanascrapper<br /><br />Description: Use it All Challenge February 2018 Added extras from Kimeric kit Beautiful moments nanascrapper Fri, 23 Feb 2018 03:04:54 +0000 This is Me March <a href=";title=this-is-me-march&amp;cat=1975"><img title="this-is-me-march-SD-600_zanthia.jpg" border="0" src="" alt="this-is-me-march-SD-600_zanthia.jpg" /></a><br /><br />by: zanthia<br /><br />Description: This is Me March by Snickerdoodle Designs Sunshine on a Cloudy Day Templates ( modified ) by Heartstrings Scrap Art;page=1 photo by Iga Logan zanthia Fri, 23 Feb 2018 02:42:01 +0000 Lucky in Love <a href=";title=lucky-in-love&amp;cat=2067"><img title="lucky-in-love-alexis-ADS-Fe.jpg" border="0" src="" alt="lucky-in-love-alexis-ADS-Fe.jpg" /></a><br /><br />by: zanthia<br /><br />Description: Lucky in Love by Alexis Design Studio Febraury fan template ( modified ) by Alexis Design Studio photo by Effjot zanthia Fri, 23 Feb 2018 02:42:00 +0000 Enjoy the Little things <a href=";title=enjoy-the-little-things&amp;cat=1892"><img title="enjoy-little-things-vero.jpg" border="0" src="" alt="enjoy-little-things-vero.jpg" /></a><br /><br />by: zanthia<br /><br />Description: Enjoy the Little things by Vero photo by Elena Karagyozova Photography zanthia Fri, 23 Feb 2018 02:42:00 +0000 360 All About March <a href=";title=360-all-about-march&amp;cat=2105"><img title="360-all-about-march-aimee-h.jpg" border="0" src="" alt="360-all-about-march-aimee-h.jpg" /></a><br /><br />by: zanthia<br /><br />Description: 360 All About March by Aimee Harrison photo by Iga Logan zanthia Fri, 23 Feb 2018 02:42:00 +0000 Magformer Creations <a href=";title=magformer-creations&amp;cat=500"><img title="Magformer_Creations.jpg" border="0" src="" alt="Magformer_Creations.jpg" /></a><br /><br />by: sltppr<br /><br />Description: [url=]Capture Life (collection[/url] by Kimeric Kreations [url=]Paper Play 21[/url] by Akizo Designs sltppr Fri, 23 Feb 2018 01:48:36 +0000 Pocket ch <a href=";title=pocket-ch&amp;cat=509"><img title="FEB-pocket.jpg" border="0" src="" alt="FEB-pocket.jpg" /></a><br /><br />by: seniorgal<br /><br />Description: Feel the Love by Kimerick Kreations Pocket Ch. Pocket Card by Kimerick Kreations At the Seaside Templates by Heartstrings Scrap Art and Aimee Harrison Designs<br /><br />1 comment seniorgal Thu, 22 Feb 2018 22:36:54 +0000 Picture Perfect Challenge <a href=";title=picture-perfect-challenge&amp;cat=509"><img title="feb-picture-perf.jpg" border="0" src="" alt="feb-picture-perf.jpg" /></a><br /><br />by: seniorgal<br /><br />Description: Picture Perfect by Kimeric Kreations seniorgal Thu, 22 Feb 2018 22:34:07 +0000 Art Journaling <a href=";title=art-journaling&amp;cat=509"><img title="feb-art-journ.jpg" border="0" src="" alt="feb-art-journ.jpg" /></a><br /><br />by: seniorgal<br /><br />Description: Feel the Love Kit and Graffiti by Kimeric Kreations seniorgal Thu, 22 Feb 2018 22:30:38 +0000 This Is Me <a href=";title=this-is-me&amp;cat=1975"><img title="This-Is-Me22.jpg" border="0" src="" alt="This-Is-Me22.jpg" /></a><br /><br />by: franlk<br /><br />Description: Credits: This Is Me March Collection by Snickerdoodle Designs franlk Thu, 22 Feb 2018 21:22:59 +0000 Just Us <a href=";title=just-us&amp;cat=500"><img title="Just_Us1.jpg" border="0" src="" alt="Just_Us1.jpg" /></a><br /><br />by: sltppr<br /><br />Description: [url=]Keep On (collection)[/url] by Kimeric Kreations [url=]Full of Memories Vol 31[/url] by PrelestnayaP Design sltppr Thu, 22 Feb 2018 21:02:10 +0000 Shoot For The Moon <a href=";title=shoot-for-the-moon&amp;cat=500"><img title="Shoot_for_the_Moon.jpg" border="0" src="" alt="Shoot_for_the_Moon.jpg" /></a><br /><br />by: sltppr<br /><br />Description: [url=]Goodnight Moon (collection)[/url] by Kimeric Kreations sltppr Thu, 22 Feb 2018 21:02:10 +0000 My Little Valentines <a href=";title=my-little-valentines&amp;cat=500"><img title="My_Little_Valentines.jpg" border="0" src="" alt="My_Little_Valentines.jpg" /></a><br /><br />by: sltppr<br /><br />Description: February Use It All Challenge [url=]Feel the Love (collection)[/url] by Kimeric Kreations sltppr Thu, 22 Feb 2018 21:02:10 +0000