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  Chick Points FAQ

Chick Points FAQ

What are Chick Points?

Chick Points is a Rewards Program that will reward you for your loyalty as a customer and for your participation in our community.

How Do I Earn Chick Points?

It's easy to earn Chick Points! You will earn:

  • 10 pts for every $1 spent in the TDC Boutique
  • 2 pts for every completed TDC Challenge layout completed by challenge deadline
  • 5 extra pts if you complete 6 or more challenges layouts within the month that they were posted
  • 2 pts for every layout posted in the TDC Products in Action gallery

10 pts for every $1 spent: We want to reward you for shopping with us, and we hope to encourage you to come back often.

2 pts for every completed challenge: We have some terrific challenges at The Digichick, and we want to encourage you to try them out. There are usually 2 challenges a week offered in our forums. To earn Chick Points, you must have your challenge layout completed and posted in the challenge thread by the challenge deadline (specified in the rules of each challenge). You must also use at least 75% TDC products in your challenge layout unless otherwise specific in the challenge rules.

2 pts for every layout posted in the TDC Products in Action gallery. We love the great layouts and projects that our team post in the gallery, but we want to see what our customers are doing with those products, too! Now you can earn 2 points for every layout with TDC products that you post in that gallery.

How Do I Redeem Chick Points?

For every 200pts that you have, you earn $1 to spend in the TDC Boutique. Then follow this procedure:

  • Log into the Boutique.
  • Add products to your cart and go to the Checkout Page.
  • Choose Pay with Chick Points.
  • You will now see an option asking you how many Chick Points you would like to apply to your order.
  • Check the box that says, "I accept the terms and conditions." and click Submit.

How Can I See How Many Chick Points I Have?

  • Log in to your account in the boutique.
  • Click on My Account at the top of the page.
  • Your points total will appear just above your Personal Information.

How Do I Track My Chick Points?

  • Chick points earned through purchases in the store will be automatically tracked for you.
  • Chick points earned through posts in the TDC Products in Action gallery will be compiled twice a month on the 1st and the 16th. Those points will automatically be added to your Points total in your account.
  • Chick points earned through challenge layouts should be tracked in the Chick Points Tracking Thread. When you are ready to redeem them, send a private message to Sinead in the forums.

    What if I have Chick Points from the old Chick Points (Challenge) System?

    If you have Chick Points from the old Chick Points (Challenge) system that you would like to convert to this current system, please send a private message to Sinead in the forums or fill out the Contact Us form in the store.

    What if I have any other questions about Chick Points?

    If you have any additional questions about Chick Points, please use the Contact Us form.