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Drop Shadow Styles

Drop Shadow Styles


Drop shadows are critical to your scrapbook pages. They can instantly take a page from flat and lifeless to realistic and beautiful.  Creating depth by varying the depths of your shadows can take time when manipulating each shadow individually.

This is a set of 60 Drop Shadow Styles:  30 Styles set to a 45 degree angle, and the same 30 Styles set to a 120 degree angle.  Each Style has been given a name to make using the styles quick and easy.  Even though each Style is labeled, try them on whatever element you like to get the effect you are looking for.  Open your Styles Panel and adjust the opacity if the shadow size is perfect for your element, but you would like the shadow a bit darker.

Tips to remember: Items that are closer to the background will have smaller, darker shadows, while elements that are further away from the page (such as flowers), will have larger, lighter shadows.

Item labels are:  stitches, lace, beads, staple, paper strips, wire, button, alpha, flat ribbon, curly ribbon, flat string, curly string, paper 1, paper 2, paper 3, paper 4, leaf, conifers, foliage 1, foliage 2, foliage 3, foliage 4, flower 1, flower 2, flower 3, flower 4, flower 5, butterfly, 3D object 1, and 3D object 2

This product is Personal Use, Commercial Use, and Scrap for Hire friendly.



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