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Hashtag Bundle


So many of our photos these days either start on Social Media, or end up there later.  I know I get a lot of my scrapping material from my family's Facebook accounts, and perhaps you do as well.  I wanted a way to acknowledge that in some of my layouts (particularly those I start in an app on my tablet, since those are generally where the photos come from in the first place).  I actually just started with a set of "hashtag" word bits, but then I wanted some cards, and then I wanted some papers and embellishments... you know how these things grow.  And through the process, I decided to keep everything neutral, because - well, because I liked the way neutrals work in a multiphoto pocket-style layout.   And of course, then that led to the idea of making regular templates, and maybe those would be kind of cool in the neutral monochromatic palette, too...   And that was how the Hashtag bundle came to be, the end.  LOL.

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