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Heartsong Collection

Heartsong Collection


What makes your heart sing? The smile of a loved one?  The tender touch of a friend?  An incredible part of nature?   A certain Season? Or maybe something as simple as a sunny day, a song on the radio, or a particularly yummy meal!  Whatever brings a smile to your face or puts a song in your heart, deserves recognition. Heartsong was created with this in mind.

The Heartsong Collection includes:

  • Heartsong Page Kit
  • Heartsong Clusters
  • Heartsong Splats
  • Heartsong Borders
  • Heartsong Note Cards
  • Heartsong Stackers
  • Heartsong Embossed Edgers
  • Heartsong Glitter

Information about this product:

  • Please see individual products for specific product details

Terms of Use:

  • This product is Personal Use, Scrap for Hire, and Scrap for Others friendly.

Best Value

  • Each Heartsong product is offered separately for your convenience, but is also included in this bundled Collection, which is your best value.



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