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Oven Lovin Collection

Oven Lovin Collection


Some women love to bake yummy goodies and cook delicious meals. I’m not one of them. My mother-in-law, Fran, was. She expressed her love for her family and friends by frequently presenting them with a plate full of freshly-baked cookies or candy, or by inviting them over for their favorite meal.  Last year I inherited many of her baking utensils, as well as her recipe box, full of handwritten recipes.  These items, as well as Fran’s love of the kitchen, served as inspiration for Oven Lovin.’  (For more on the backstory, please visit my blog.)


  • Oven Lovin’ Page Kit
  • Oven Lovin’ Wallpaper Prints
  • Oven Lovin’ Clusters
  • Oven Lovin’ Borders
  • Oven Lovin’ Wallpaper Borders
  • Oven Lovin’ Recipe Cards
  • Oven Lovin’ Stamps
  • Oven Lovin’ Alpha

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