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  Element Packs PAPER FOLDS V.1 | Clipping Masks

PAPER FOLDS V.1 | Clipping Masks

PAPER FOLDS V.1 | Clipping Masks


Do you like your digital pages to look as realistic as possible? Then these 12X12 clipping masks will be just the touch you need to take your projects to the next level.

Each clipping masks has a unique torn and folded paper edge for that ever popular realistic effect. Simply clip your digital papers to the mask and leave the torn/folded edge as is or recolour to coordinate with your paper. Such a versatile pack that will surely become your go to 'nifty' pack when you want to add some extra flair and texture to your projects.


  • 4X Unique torn and folded edges (.psd files)
  • All products are saved at 300ppi for optimum printing quality.

This is a Personal Use product. Please read our TERMS OF USE



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