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Printing your photos and scrapbook layouts has never been easier than using Persnickety Prints to do it with!  The Digichick has partnered up with Persnickety Prints to offer a 10% discount to all Digichick customers using their services.  You can't go wrong with high quality digital scrapbooking supplies from the Digichick and the best online printing service available!  All Digichick customers can recieve a 10% off discount with Persnickety Prints just by entering the CODE:  digichick  when ordering.   What can you do with Persnickety Prints?  We're glad you asked!  Just take a look at the services below for some awesome examples!



Calendars make great gifts - and the best thing is you can personalize them however you wish!  Looking for some great products to help with making some?   You can find templates and add-on packs right HERE at the Digichick!

About Persnickety Prints:

Persnickety Prints has been a professional photo lab for over 20 years.  We are particular about every detail.
Our chemical and light process is the highest quality way to print digital photographs. It uses the old technology of light sensitive archival papers and adds new technical procedures of converting a digital image into a negative light form. We use a very precise laser to expose the paper and then the paper is processed through a chemical bath. When light is used, it hits the paper and blends slightly, making the image not so harsh and much more appealing.
When using an ink jet printer, the ink is laid on top of the paper sometimes leaving trail marks from the print head. 
With Persnickety Prints all your prints will be the very best your money can buy. 
SHIPPING *All Print orders are processed within 24 hours*
    * US $5  Flat Rate Priority Mail 2-3 days (+ tracking)
    * Canada $12.50  Flat Rate First Class 5-7 days
    * International  $12.50 Flat Rate First Class 7-10 days
For more info on shipping cost - click HERE 
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