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  Commercial Use Tools CU Overlays Textured Transparencies and Screens 01
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Textured Transparencies and Screens 01

Textured Transparencies and Screens 01


This is a set of (6) textured transparencies and (6) textured “Screens.”  The original source is the same; however, the product is presented in 2 different formats in this pack. It is also presented in JPG format in Textured Overlays 01. All 3 formats have their own special uses and you can get different effects, based upon the format that you choose to use.

Interested in how JPGS, Transparencies, and Screens give different results?  Check out my blog post:   JPGs vs Transparencies vs Screens

Information about this product:
Transparencies are PNG format; 300 dpi
Screens are JPG format; 300 dpi. Instructions on how to use Screens are included (Place the Screen over your background document, and change the blend mode of the Screen to “Screen.”)

this product is Commercial Use and Scrap for Hire friendly, but is also perfect for the Personal Use Scrapper

Best Value:
This product is available individually; but is also included in the Textured Bundle 01, which is your best value



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