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The Castle on the Hill

The Castle on the Hill


There's something about St. Patrick's Day that has always caught my interest - whether it was making sure that I wore green when I was in grade school to avoid pinching, or romantic tales of leprechauns and golden treasures at the end of the rainbow - I just like dedicating a little time in the spring to "Irish" thoughts  :)  When I created this kit, we had just moved to a new home, and I wanted to be able to scrap my new abode with some style.  I found so many vintage St. Paddy's day cards with pictures of castles... and the rest was a forgone conclusion.  I've adapted the colors of Irish landscapes for this kit, because I like my outdoor photos to have outdoor-colored enhancements and textures.  There's still a bit of whimsy to tell your tales with as much romance as you desire!


* Please note, this product is a re-release.  Check your stash before purchasing!

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