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At The Digichick, we aim to bring together a community of people that are interested in sewing, arts, and crafts. Read More

Linking News brand

We pride ourselves on being the Linking News brand. The business has been operating for several years and earned Read More

Work With Top Brands

We work with the top brands such as Singer, Brother, and many such major names in the industry. We are also a direct line Read More

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Our team is dedicated to the cause of passionate craft entrepreneurs and works to see that new art/craft businesses, Read More


We are the go-to place for the art, craft, and sewing business

We, The Digichick, are a reputed Linking News brand and the right place to find all information about the craft and sewing industry. We are committed to providing you with authentic details related to the art, craft, and sewing market.

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Our Coaching Programs

Since 2014, we have launched several significant coaching programs. We have helped over 5000 women across the USA to start and grow their online business for selling arts, crafts, handmade stuff and sewing products. We will plan more such programs in the future to help enthusiastic would-be entrepreneurs. Be it manufacturer, buyer or a like-minded art enthusiast, you get to connect with those that you can benefit from through our coaching programs.

Linking News, the best press release distribution service, has built links with over 10,000 news outlets and 1000 social media channels. Apart from these, Linking News also has credible relations with 300+ media sites and 30,000 journalists spread across the globe. While our coaching programs will help you start and/or grow your business, Linking News can aid you in selling your products. Through trusted press releases, the company promotes your product for your audience to take note.

Linking News, the best press release distribution service can help you bring huge traffic to your site. The platform has the strongest network and credible distribution partners that you can trust.

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With Linking News to help us all the way, it is no longer a tedious task to start and run your online art, craft, and sewing business. Linking News can help you market your brand by distributing press releases online. So, write your press content and utilize all the opportunity of getting it featured on the world's major news sites. ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, Reuters, MSNBC, Google News, where do you want to see your content?

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Get your valuable art, craft, and sewing business discovered!

We, The Digichick, can help you get your valuable art, craft, and sewing business discovered. While most new businesses struggle to make their mark, those that trust us do not have the same experience. Since we are owned by Linking News, the best press release service, we can make you visible all over and get your work discovered across boundaries.

Since Linking News is associated with several major online news sites, we can push your product globally with ease.

Who can rely on us?

Women looking to start their art/craft business online. For such passionate, emerging entrepreneurs, we can help create a brand image. Linking News can get you featured on trusted media sites. When you are visible on such genuine sites, people tend to notice you. That's enough to get started!
Those looking for information on sewing machines, art or craft. We provide all the updated information about the new brands, parts and supplies, and testimonials related to several brands for you to make an informed decision. Buy the best one that fits your budget and get started in style! Once you get started, our parent company Linking News will do the promotion by getting your products endorsed on the world's best media sites.
Those struggling to sell their handmade craft work online. If you have great talent but are unable to make money off of it, we are the answer to your problems. Linking News can astonishingly give a boost to your sales.

Our intention is to empower women and small scale businesses that are looking to sell valuable handmade art and craft work. We work 360 degrees; in other words, we work with manufacturers, suppliers, entrepreneurs, and trainers to achieve what we are aiming. We have a fire within us, an urge to do something for the cause of the society and that is being taken ahead effectively by Linking News, the leader in press release solutions.