No matter how many employees you have as a small business owner, one job is to have productive and happy folks.

With that idea in mind, are you confident that you have the best staff assembled and they are happy working for you?

Doing so can go a long way in determining your outcome as an owner.

So, is there anything you need to focus in on when it comes to having happy employees?

How Happy is Your Team?

When you want to take a hard look at how happy your team is here are some areas of concentration:

  1. Compensation – It goes without saying most folks will be looking at a competitive wage. The failure to do so can make it hard to pay bills, lead to more stress in one’s life and so on. That said are you paying your team competitively. If you have questions to what you should be paying them, take a look around at comparable businesses. This can give you a better sense of what you should be offering. In the event you have a sales team in place, you want them to be happy. Their happiness can help drive sales at the end of the day. Do you have the best commission tracking software in place? Such software makes it so much easier to track and record the proper commissions each time out. Why have to worry about getting the commissions right when you have software to do the trick for you? In looking at compensation, also think about healthcare benefits when needed. They can also entice employees to work hard and stay with a particular employer.
  2. Growth – The ability to move up within a company is also attractive to many individuals. That said do you offer such growth opportunities? The hope is you do, allowing some or all employees the chance to further their careers with you. As time goes by, the chance to take on more responsibility and make a better salary will appeal to many folks. Let prospects know of such possibilities when they come in to interview with you. Note that it can help seal the deal when they think about where they want to work. 
  3. Flexibility – How flexible would you say your company setup is? Do you offer some or many employees the opportunity to work from home full or part of the time? This of course likely depends on their role and whether it is essential they be in an office environment. If any employees have young children at home, are they allowed to bring them into the office? Some companies do have daycare options available for parents. By working with employees to meet as many of their needs as possible, you can keep most happy and with you for years. 

Having the responsibility of running a small business can of course be a big task for many people.

With that in mind, having a happy team under you will go a long way in determining how easy your job is at the end of the day.

Lauren Sanchez - Author

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