Whether it be when your eyes connected across a crowded room or the feeling when you first held hands, we all remember the first time knew that our fire had been ignited with that special someone.

Unfortunately, though that feeling can dwindle over time. If you feel that your relationship has hit a brick wall, don’t despair. Our relationship 101 guide will help you find your mojo in no time!

1. Open the Doors of Communication

In-person, over the phone, or by text. It didn’t matter about the subject, when you first met your partner you drank up all they had to say. So the first pointer in our relationship 101 guide is to rekindle that desire to get to know them.

Asking questions regularly about their day, their goals, and their opinions on current affairs shows that you still are committed mentally to our relationship. You may think that you already know them but trust us, you can still find yourself surprised, entertained, and even enamored by your partner if that spark was present in the beginning.

2. Show Appreciation and Gratitude

Unlike an employee at a company, our partner isn’t obliged to do anything for us. Your contract is love, and for that reason, you take on responsibilities in each other’s life.

If you want a healthy relationship our advice is don’t take each other for granted. Let them know that you appreciate them, not just by saying thank you but choosing quiet moments to let them know what things they do that you just can’t do without.

3. Date Night Is a Must

The rigors of modern life chip away at the structure of our relationships, spending time with each other.

Get out of this cycle by having a regular date night. Leave the kids at the grandparents, put your phone on silent, and enjoy doing something new with your boo!

It may seem too much of a commitment but you had to make time to go on dates at the beginning. Back then it didn’t matter because you were going to be with that person. They are still there, so take advantage.

4. Display More Affection

Even if you are anti-PDA you can’t argue with science. When touched by someone we love it increases our levels of oxytocin, which bond us together and reinforces positive feelings for others.

A gentle caress or an unexpected squeeze of your partner’s hand can say more than any words can express. If you really want to open the hormonal floodgates, ramp it up by kissing more often. As you should know by now, it is surprisingly addictive!

5. Try New Things

When you get to know someone, every experience is new because it is the first time that we share it with them. But often we forget to build new memories when we feel comfortable.

Fight that by looking for things that you both haven’t done before and do them together. The more exciting the better. New things don’t always have to be found outside the home either. Spice up your life in the bedroom too and you could reap some major benefits too!

Applying Relationship 101 Tips Isn’t Too Hard

As you can see getting that spark back in your relationship doesn’t involve reinventing the wheel. But giving the time and attention to your relationship that it deserves can lead to what we all want at heart, a satisfying love life.

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Lauren Sanchez - Author

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