One of my favorite things to do when a holiday rolls around is get loads of cute digital stickers which are apt for the particular holiday that we are having. There are some great kits which you can find at this time of year for stickers and holiday-related digital items and one my favorites for Christmas time is a detailed snowman stamp which can be used for so many things. Instead of heading out and buying up sticker collections, a much easier idea is to get some kits downloaded, as they offer a far easier and more cost effective option.

Downloading stickers and stamps not only means that you can create and print them in the comfort of your own home, as mentioned they are also far more reasonably priced as well as offering you a product that keeps on giving. For example I printed some snowman stickers out this year, which were still on my computer from last year, that isn’t something that you could say about store-bought stickers and stamps. To inspire you even further, here is exactly why you are going to love these snowman stamps.

Fun With The Family

If you are looking to get the kids a little bit more excited for the holiday season, if of course that is even possible, then these stamps can be a great way to get them geed up. The snowman prints themselves have great detail to them which makes them the ideal coloring in activity. Because the stamps come in black and white your kids can go wild with colors and patterns for their snowmen.

Sizing Up

Sometimes I am a little suspicious of stamps which you can download, because not all of them can be easily scaled up and down. Many stamps that you find online lose quality when they get scaled up but that is not the case with these snowman stamps which work really well no matter what size you are looking for. This means that you can get stamps all over the house which look great, as well as printing off tiny stamps for Christmas card envelopes.

Multiple Materials

Having tried to print these snowman stamps on a number of materials I am happy to report that they work on just about everything. Sometimes you have to print stamps off on paper and then stick them on to some vinyl or a blank sticker, but with these the print looks amazing no matter what material you decide to put it on. Given that we wanted to use the snowman for different things around the home, it meant that we didn’t have any additional work when printing, we just loaded the material and then hey presto it was good to go.

For the ultimate sticker for your Christmas, make sure that you look into these amazing snowman stamps which cost just $3 and look absolutely amazing, and so very professional too, the perfect option when buying a digital stamp for the holidays.


Lauren Sanchez - Author

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