Our computers have come in really handy over the past few months. Being stuck at home, for the most part, we found ourselves with nothing much to do. This has allowed us to play our favorite online casino games at high roller casinos and video games on our PCs.

In this post, we share with you the best steam games to play on PC. Try them today for a great gaming experience.

What Remains of Edith Finch

This game was released in 2017, and it has become a favorite among many video gamers, and it has actually gone on to win the Best Game BAFTA award. This adventure game is narrative-led, and you get to walk around the house that you grew up in as Edith Finch.

As you do so, you get to see pictures and other things that remind you how the other Finches died. You will get to see vignettes that narrate how your family members died. We appreciate the fact that the game offers a magical realism that is profound and very touching. You get to see everything play out like a movie, which allows you to get lost in the game.

Surviving Mars

If you have had the chance to see the screenshots of this game, then we know you probably thought that the game looks like The Sims: Red Planet. However, we can assure you that the games are not alike just like some casino games found at southafricancasinosites online casino.

In this game, you get the chance to visit mars, where you build an outpost on a barren patch. After that, your goal is to make sure that you keep the outpost running. Doing so ensures that your colonists will not die due to the harsh surface of mars.

While this may sound very easy, it’s actually very difficult to do. This is because if you mismanage your resources, it causes a chain reaction. As a result, all life support systems around you fail. This is definitely a good game to immerse yourself in.

Lauren Sanchez - Author

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