When the holidays roll around you all know that I love to get some downloadable packs which feature lots of options for printable stamps and decals, and this Easter is no different. In fact this is not strictly true because I have a very new and exciting idea which you can all use for this Easter to make sure that your kids go wild with excitement.

The product is a carrot-shaped box and there are some files which you can buy that will give you the print out and a step-by-step guide for how to put your box together. I chose to print mine straight on to standard paper and then I used the cut out to transpose that onto cardboard in order to make it a little sturdier. If you so wish however you can easily print this directly on to some thin card and then make the box right away. The box requires nothing more than the basic design and some sellotape or glue to stick it all together. Once you have your awesome, Easter-themed carrot box, here is what I recommend filling it up with.

Eggs and Sweets

Of course the most common thing to put inside the box is a collections of chocolate eggs and they are going to be great as a gift for your kids at Easter. Pack the boxes up with candies and Easter-related chocolates like bunnies and they are going to absolutely love it.


Another great option which I have used these boxes for in the past is to give the kids the pieces and the instructions, as part 1 of their treasure hunt. Kids are always hungry for the hidden chocolate eggs, so they are going to be absolutely focused on constructing their box so that they can get their Easter egg hunt underway. I would say that kids over the age of 8 will be absolutely fine putting the box together and you can do all of the cutting before hand so that all they need is to get the right pieces together and stick them.


We always like to bake some bits and pieces for our friends and family and that is why I really wanted some of these carrot shaped boxes which were made out of more sturdy materials. The cup cakes which I made with an Easter them fit into these boxes so well and they were received with a big smile by everyone who I gave them to. There is just something abut a little extra detail which really goes a long way, and that is just what you can expect with a cool, Easter-themed carrot shaped box.

If you are looking to make this Easter a little special and a little bit different, get these boxes on the download and get busy with the family, they are very much a worthwhile product to buy.


Lauren Sanchez - Author

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