One of the major trends that we have seen in the recent decade is the increase in the need for pet care among people. It has been this way for the longest time now, ever since the problem of overpopulation was taking the center stage. Most of the younger generation also do not feel like raising a family. This rather negative sentiment is perpetuated by an inability to see what the future might bring. Having an animal companion is seen as less stress, and there are no expectations aside from taking good care of it.

Some of the most popular animals that can be kept as pets are dogs and cats. However, there are also other more exotic options like ferrets and snakes. Most people often stay away from larger animals since they can be quite a handful. Even dogs like St. Bernard and Mastiffs can be a challenge for any homeowner to handle. There is another animal that is still used in many places around the world according to this link: 

“Horsing” For The Best

Horses are also well-known these days as a “rich man’s pet”. After all, they can be quite expensive to acquire and take care of. They also need lots of space and their dedicated stables where they would stay most of the time. Other than those who can afford, some still use horses in their way of life, especially in the countryside. Farms, ranches, and sheep stations have these animals as their main way of transportation.

This is why it can be detrimental if they experience any kind of malady or pain. They can get grouchy, sometimes even attacking anyone on sight. Worse, they can just stay in their stables and refuse to move. Some even just collapse in the middle of doing their usual activities. It can be troublesome especially in businesses wherein they depend on this animal. For this reason, some people are looking for ways to remedy this situation.

One of the main ways that some owners have found to be effective is through the use of CBD. It is often referred to as Cannabidiol as well, as this Holistapet website tells us. You might even be familiar with this substance already, as it can be extracted from the marijuana plant. There have been a lot of discussions about it online and on TV, and it is often marketed as a miracle cure for humans. Recently, it has been found out that it can work with animals as well.

To be specific, it seems to work well with mammals as they have a similar structural and body composition with humans. They also have a nervous system that is receptive to the effects of CBD. Even in just smaller amounts, these animals can seemingly feel the effects of cannabidiol seeping in. 

Researchers believe that this can be a breakthrough in veterinary medicine. Unfortunately, some professionals are still apprehensive about using it as you can read in this page.

Cures For Your Pets

With horses, they are much bigger animals so it seems to be safer for them to take more than what’s necessary for dogs and cats. CBD can potentially help with pain, as it is an already known analgesic in some circles. It can also help the animal to calm down as they are experiencing their symptoms. If you are also looking to using it for behavioral assistance, CBD can help with that as well.

Aside from these problems, Cannabidiol is also said to be effective against colic. As most horse owners know, this is just a symptom of a wide variety of gastrointestinal issues that your pet can have. With CBD, they can adjust to the pain and help them still perform despite what they are experiencing. The effects might be temporary, but it can still buy you time while waiting for more developments.

For horse owners, it is your responsibility to still go to the vet if your horse is already experiencing symptoms even of common disorders. These animals might be tough, but they can still succumb to their conditions if left untreated. 

You also need to make sure that they are given proper medication while they are in pain. CBD can potentially be the answer to that, but you still need to have professional advice before giving the medication.

Lauren Sanchez - Author

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