Each year I try to share some cool tips which you can find online for costume design or Halloween decorating ideas but this year I have stumbled across something even cooler which every home should have for this spooky time of the year, and it is called the Hocus Pocus kit. This is  well priced kit which has been prepared for you so that you don’t have to worry about anything this Halloween. I bought this kit on something of a whim to be honest but it has turned out to be absolutely fantastic and I will most certainly be looking to buy it again next year when this special holiday comes around again. 

What The Hocus Focus Kit Contains 

If you were in any doubt about me saying that this kit has got you completely covered, then just check out how much they pack into this Halloween kit, absolutely incredible/. 

  • 23 papers (14 patterns, 9 solids)
  • 1 doodled alpha in individual pngs and png sheet format-contains upper and lowercase letters, numbers 0-9 and some punctuation
  • 58 elements including:
  • 1 doodled bat
  • 1 doodled broom
  • 6 buttons
  • 2 cats
  • 1 doodled cauldron
  • 3 stacked circles
  • 5 stacked flowers
  • 2 rolled paper flowers
  • 1 silk flower
  • 1 accordian flower
  • 3 frames
  • 1 doodled jack-o-lantern
  • 2 leaves
  • 2 paint splats
  • 3 ribbons
  • 3 tags
  • 1 doodled treat bag in 2 colors
  • 1 doodled witches hat
  • 1 doodled pair of witch legs
  • 1 bat scatter
  • 1 ric rac
  • 1 doodled candy corn in 2 colors
  • 3 doodled pieces of candy
  • 1 doodled lollipop
  • 1 doodled swirl
  • 1 witches hat
  • 1 spider
  • 1 doodled scallop
  • 1 stitch
  • 1 staple
  • 1 string
  • 1 swirl
  • 1 vine

As you can see there is stuff here for decorating costumes, you can use the items to make your house look the part for a party or indeed to dress up your front door for those trick or treaters. If you want to really go wild this Halloween then this is the perfect solution for doing so, even if you forgot to get yourself planned ahead of time. 

Cost and Download 

The cost of this kit is just $7.99 which is an absolute bargain given the quality of the images and 

the details which they go into with the designs. Worried about space? Don’t be as this download 

is just 200mb, so that means that you can set it to download, and you’ll have those images in 

your hands just moments later. These can be printed onto a range of materials as well from 

standard paper to vinyl wrap, perfect for sticking all of the spooky things around the home. 

There is no point getting yourself stressed out that you don’t have everything that you need for 

Halloween, get yourself this amazing Hocus Pocus kit and you won’t have to worry about 

anything at all. 

Lauren Sanchez - Author

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