It’s true: the best things in life are free. And that includes some super-useful apps that are completely free to download and use. Some are purely entertaining, and quite a few others can help you get more work done in a shorter space of time, exercise more effectively, or even just help you declutter life’s messes in a simple and even (gasp) enjoyable way. These are our favourites.

Paste 2

First up we have one of our all time-favourites. Paste 2 is a superbly impressive and useful clipboard manager. It has a useful interface and the capacity to store unlimited volumes and types of information. Text, tables, code, and even images are not match for Paste 2. It’s an app created specifically for Mac devices and can even store information and images by date for later reference.

Headspace 2.0

Meditating in the quiet early-morning hours isn’t at all hard. It’s easy to focus on not focussing when the world has yet to awake from under nature’s covers. But since mindfulness gurus believe it even more effective to meditate at several intervals throughout the day, it helps to have a bit of help once life starts bombarding you with the pressures and responsibilities of the day. Headspace 2.0 wants to help you manage all of that by making you meditate for 10 extra minutes each day. Easy to use and target-oriented too, Headspace is a great meditation tool to have.


If you’re the type of person who gets easily distracted, then Freedom app is a must for you. It gets rid of all internet distractions keeping you from your work and slowing down your super-human powers of being productive. Freedom basically lets you work in peace and saves your favourite online Blackjack games for a little later.


Game-based apps used for getting things done are a double-positive. Not only do they boost productivity and focus, but they also make getting things done a heck of a lot of fun. HabitRPG lets you pen down your daily goals on its digital to-do list, and once completed, rewards you for sticking to your own program! You can even create your own custom avatar.

Tick off your achieved goals as you go, and get rewarded with features such as armor, skills, pets, and guests. Oh, and remember to fight the odd monster together with your friends and help keep them accountable to their own goals and to-do’s.


Mindbloom is basically your friend in the mental health business. The app helps you keep track of your emotions throughout the day. By comparing daily or even weekly stats and results, you’ll soon learn a great deal more about yourself and how to better manage your emotions than what you ever thought possible. Knowledge is power, after all.


Are you struggling to keep track of your daily water intake? Then look no further, because Waterlogd is just the app for you. It helps you keep track of your water intake in a methodical and proper record-keeping way. It’s easy to use and will soon have to looking at a healthier and way more hydrated you in the mirror.


Lauren Sanchez - Author

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