Hobbies can be an important part of what keeps us stimulated and sane. And the good news is that not all hobbies are expensive or even all that difficult to master. Learning a new skill can admittedly at times seem daunting, but the benefits of having mastered something entirely new and even unfamiliar can far outweigh the challenges along the way.

Best of all is that thanks to connectivity and the internet, it’s now possible to learn just about anything from the comfort and safety of home. These are some of our favourite ideas for hobbies that one can learn off the internet.

Cultivating Green Fingers

Caring for plants is a wonderfully creative outlet for pent-up nurturing energy. And for those hesitant to head out shopping right now, the internet has the perfect solution for that too. Amazon has a large collection of plants waiting to be delivered right to your door. And so does a company called ‘The Sill’. Albeit slightly more expensive an option that Amazon, The Sill not only sells plants but also helps the budding gardener take care of their plants by offering some exceptional guides on the topic of “Plant Parenthood”.

Mixing The Perfect Cocktail

While not everyone realises the full extent of what goes into learning to mix the perfect cocktail, there’s a world of information available online. From simple vodka combinations to complicated chemical compositions, it’s all right there and instantly available for the reading. You can mix up just about anything to enjoy when gambling online, watching TV or relaxing with friends!

Blogs, recipes by some of the world’s leading mixologists, instructional YouTube videos – you name it, and you’re bound to find it on the internet. There are even checklists available to ensure a hassle-free experience when shopping for cocktail ingredients.

Beautiful Calligraphy

Granted, this probably isn’t for everyone. Even so, there are folks who are crazy passionate about creating beautifully crafted hand lettering works of art. Whether your goal is to use your skill as a special treat when delivering the next Mother’s Day or birthday card to mom, or even to pursue a career in Script Calligraphy, popular calligraphy website The Postman’s Knock will cater for your every learning desire.

Fancy A Bit Of Vintage Shopping?

Any expert vintage shopper will tell you that a satisfying vintage shopping session is not as much what it is that you’re looking for (as in the actual items), but much more a case of where you’re spending your time looking for unique vintage items.

And more good news is that since the dawn of the age of the internet, it’s no longer necessary to go rummaging around in dusty second-hand shops in search of that special hidden vintage gem. Even though the thrill of the physical search cannot be denied, searching online vintage stores can be every bit as exciting. Two quality online vintage shopping destinations worth a try are Poshmark and Depop. Both are real treasure troves just waiting to be discovered by the keen vintage-shopping enthusiast. You simply never know what you’re about to discover next!


Lauren Sanchez - Author

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