The Covid-19 pandemic has affected all aspects of most people’s lives globally. Some things have been both involuntary and sudden, like travel restrictions, no public transport, wearing of masks, and, of course, social distancing.

However, for others, it’s merely made them adopt certain behaviors, that were already gaining traction. One of the most common ones is the digitalization of both banking and shopping.

This article is going to highlight some of the most common consumer behavior changes that have emerged during these tough times.

Increased Digital Adoption

The pandemic has managed to enhance both the reach and scope of digitalization. You can now do almost anything online, from eating and shopping to education, exercising, banking, entertainment, and so on. More money is being spent online than ever before.

The #2021customers are a totally different breed of consumers. In the US alone, 42% of the population bought more stuff using their mobile devices in the past year or so.

Even the entertainment industry hasn’t been spared. Around almost a third of the world’s population has at one digital streaming service they use.

Self-Reliant Consumers

The typical customer is now doing tasks they’d usually outsource or hire someone else to do.

Consumers are getting more creative with their meals seeing as how going to restaurants and grocery stores can prove risky. Most men are now even cutting their hair in the comfort and safety of their own homes.

Will consumers continue paying for such services when they know they can do it successfully by themselves?

As people continue to realize that they can be self-reliant, brands will be forced to show the value in the services and products they provide, and why you should pay for them.

Convenience a Paramount Consumer Concern

With so many business operations and retail stores operating under limited conditions or outright closed, same-day delivery and pickup have become a go-to process for most consumers worldwide. The retailers and shop owners that could pivot quickly made convenience a key differentiator.

Consumers are now more used to having many options when they shop, and most of them will most likely continue to rely on these said options even after the world has said goodbye to the Covid-19 pandemic. It certainly looks like new shopping norms have been created.


Yes, many things’ll go back to the way they were before the world was introduced to the coronavirus, however, there are a few things that are certainly here to stay.

Most people may not continue looking for in-home workout plans or constantly scrub down all their groceries, but they definitely won’t stop shopping online as much as they do right now.

Additionally, the relationships between the brand and the people will become much more important than it ever has before.

By closely evaluating and monitoring the ever-shifting consumer priorities and behaviors, businesses can get out of the pandemic with many new long-term clients and customers.

Lauren Sanchez - Author

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