If you are attracted to an alpha female, then you are looking for women who are strong and independent. In the dating world, women who are considered alphas will not respond to traditional dating strategies. So, what do you do? How can you appeal to the magnetic strength of an alpha female? Below are a few tips to get you started on the right track to gaining the attention of such powerful women. 

Initiate Conversations 

Alpha women do not want to waste their time. In general, such women are working hard to build their career, are in charge of large companies or pursuing their passions. They want a man in their life but want him to add value and not be someone they must take care of. Don’t beat around the bush with alpha females. Talk to them. Initiate the conversation. If you are interested, ask her out! 

A strong woman will appreciate a man who is not afraid to get to the point. Being a grown-up and communicating effectively is a strong trait that alphas look for in a partner. 

Don’t Be a Doormat

There is nothing that an alpha woman hates more than a doormat. No one wants a partner that they can walk all over. Alpha females are not looking for a puppy to train but a man who is their equal. Don’t be a doormat thinking that this type of behavior will be appealing. Don’t be afraid to disagree when making decisions together. Have your own standards and strengths to bring to the table. It is okay to say no and certainly not attractive to say yes all the time, just passively agreeing with what the alpha female wants. 

Organization is Key

Because alphas have their life together, they crave organization. As the partner, you need to take the organization to heart and show effort in planning dates as well as time together. Don’t leave things to last minute. Alpha females lead busy lives and want to have structure. Dress well and impress her with planned dates that offer intimacy and thought. Taking time to show her you care will go a long way to building trust in your relationship. 

Take on the Masculine Role

Leadership qualities are strong on alpha females. By default, they want to take the lead in most situations. It is important as the male to still take on the masculine role. This can include opening the door for her, pulling out her chair, etc. When an alpha female begins to take on too much of the male role, tell her you will do it, but gently. Say “let me do that” or something to that effect. You want to show her that you are in control but not overpowering her. 

These tips can certainly be helpful when you are dating an alpha woman. Take them to heart and always consider her feelings in any situation. Learning your partner’s personality and what works for your relationship is essential in staying together long-term. When you put in the effort, you are rewarded with a healthy relationship. 

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Lauren Sanchez - Author

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